February 22, 2011

November 1, 2009


I am rubbish at posting here, but. NANOWRIMOSTARTED!!!!
I am pumped :D 2k words :D

That is all

October 15, 2009

I Wrote A Song!

And it's called Twilight is icky. Yeah, but tell me what you think


October 12, 2009


Everyone jokes about it, I do a lot. But I guess ADHD and Depression have some similar symptoms. That's a fun fact for ya.

Not much is new in my life. I gave up on the boy liking me, his loss. And I'm really busy. With school and drawing and procrastinating and writing. Ugh.


October 3, 2009

Boys Are Stupid

Because they are to pretty for their own good.
And don't like me because I'm repulsive and obnoxious.
And are to smart and funny and witty.

I blame the 'Y' Chromosomes.

September 29, 2009


I need to not be lazy... until then,

Imma go do stuff. I need to post a real blog soon. FAIL


September 27, 2009

I'm almost healed!

Which is good, I would like to be able to play woodwinds again, without having to dis-infect mouthpeices.

I dunno what else to say. I'm just pretty Blaaah. I haven't done much other then sleep and play guitar this weekend. I know, I be boring.


September 21, 2009


Today was Freekin' AMAZING! I've been in a GREAT mood all day, got my homework done on the late bus, drew a nifty pic during school and posted my AFB video and it's only 5 o'clock!!!
You Can View It:

Yayayayaya! I'm in such a great mood. Imma go draw naow :)