October 11, 2008

Moving Week(end)

So I got to help my Aunt move today. It was me, mum, aunt & uncle, their kid, there 2 friends with their 3 kids. I spent a lot of time moving schoof, and spending time keeping the youngest (jj age 3) happy, so he wouldn't flip out. Sweetest kid, but he needs his way all the time.
I got pizza (cheese. They love this veggie), I ate like 3Lbs of grapes and like 3 cans of Happy Juice.(that's what they call soda to JJ, to make him happy. Yay, Happy Juice! AKA Pepsi Max!)
So I had to watch spongebob -shudder- but it was okay. I gotted my hair trimmed, less then 3 inches, lots of the dead stuff.
So, tommorow...... IMMA DYE MAH HAIR!!! Green, just the tips... with Kool-Aid!!!!!!!!! I'm so fugging Excited. I've been jumping around like a moron. I almost want to highlight it so I can see better what it looks like.
I got this great new softwear, Audacity, to edit sound files. I've been writing music, so now I can record some of it (mostly Saxophone, Keyboard, Bassoon) and edit it together. It was free and one of my aunt's friends who helped us move today uses it. He's a DJ, who actually DJ'ed a function mum organized a few weeks. I am Seriously Laughing Out Loud.
And you seriously need to skype me. I know how many have been reading, and I know some of you have skype. I'm just so Hyper on Skyper! I'm talking to my cuzzy Wuzzy right now.
Once I get Battries , I'll post a picture of hair that was cut off.

October 10, 2008

No Game, No Pain

Yeah, the football game should still be going on... I dunno, I left after we did our field show. Our team was winning at half time tho. We sat in the rented stands, which are smaller then normal, and we got up and down, because the drum majors were confused. Then we marched, and did out closer activity and left. I hurried to change and get my uniform and Shako and Bari sax away and kinda limped to the car. I'm sore as hell from marching and other stuff. The bari sax is way to big, I've decided. I'm switching to flute. (okay, maybe not but it sounded good.)
So i got home, watched part of ghost whisperererer and the ex-list. While I ate some Charr-Pop-n-corn! And mum got me some more Chocolate Soy Milk! I love that stuff. It's the best Ever! So yeah, i'm glad to be home. I have no clue what tommorow has planned.... Crap.


No! Green Stuff!!!

Okay so there was green stuff on my shirt, so we're wearing the wrinkly one. It smells like mah deoderant...... I"M SO ADDICTED TO THIS THING! The hyper on skyper doesnt help.

trying not to blog

-sneeze- Dusty Band Shirts

Okay so I found my band shirt so I could go to band. -boowho- It's all dusty. That's not fun. I ka-sneeze. But the cousin found that funny so I'm telling you. We're like so hyper on skyper. It's the new cool thing. So yeah, last blog today, I *promise*.


Skype Kicks Serious Arse

Yeah. I'm talking to mah cuzzy wuzzy. She's awesome. I love skype. You can skype me - doofusmaximus be my username :D


Ugh.... But wait, it's the weekend

So today is Friday. I would be excited but I will be forced to go play with the Band at the football game. I couldn't care less if both teams are undefeated. I just don't want to go. I want to stay home and draw, eat burnt pop-n-corn and sleep. How is that hard to understand?
And you know what I hate? The Boy I liked ended up being an ass. Damn it all. I seriously just hate that. DAMN IT AlLL!
So I got to take my sketcheh book home over the long weekend, thank God, or I'd be screwed 3 was from Germany with my new cover page if I couldn't. So I get to draw David Tennant. But I'm also trying to draw Billie Piper(Rose Tyler from Dr.Who) but now I may have to draw a few Vegetarians instead. I got a message on a comment I posted on a Video, mentioning Vegetarianism, so I think I want to Honor some awesome ones (Jess Origlasso and Joss Stone to name a few). Yeah, I need to get a new video up on youtube. I'll link that here too when I get it done.
So yeah, Football game. Not fun. Lots of Not Fun.


October 9, 2008

I should try to put forth effort...

Yeah, today was just another boring day at the fires of hell, er, umm, Public Highschool. I seriously know why Napoleon made school manditory; He liked to torcher people. On a happy note, my Art teacher is letting me do my new Unit Coverpage in Pencil. :D That means I am drawing My Favorite Doctor (David Tennant) infront of the Tardis, and 4 sonic screw drivers around the outside for a border, the only color comming from screwdriver beams. I don't care what you say, it's Genius. I do want to strangle some of the girls in my class tho. They're stupid freshmen. And Ditzy. -inducevomiting-
The rest of the day was pretty boring. I almost fell asleep a lot. But I do kick ass in band. I'm first Chair Bassoon don'tcha know.(the fact that I'm the only Bassoonist does Not count, thanks). Gym was a pain too.
The only other thing I did was feel akward at the family dinner. Eating leftover Macaroni And cheese from 3 days ago while everyone at some dead pig and turkey thing. (Why you're right! I don't eat animals.) That wasn't fun.
So now I get to type a stupid essay, supporting a quote with 2 short stories we read in class. It's to prepare us for the ELA's in june. BUT, in june, I can use HARRY POTTER as one of the compairing works, so it's all okie dokie.
That's all I seem to care to type. Soon I will get my first cover page for art(DALEKS!), and some sketches up. I'm off. Homewok. Eewww.


October 8, 2008

Illness is not my friend

I say, illness does not suit me at all. Yesterday(tuesday) I got up, threw up, and went back to bed. I missed school, and art test I was planning on passing with flying gradients.(hardy har-har)But no. Instead, I slept for 13 hours(ish). Then we indulged in alfredo, sprite and Charred Pop-n-corn. I love burnt pop-n-corn, more then you can imagine.
The whole time, I looked ridiculus. Large green hoodie, black shorts, blue/grey shirt. Then I had a large red Taz Sock, and a fuzzy purple sock. And because I love wearing shooes in the house(not, I went outside and never took them off) I wore my green/blue/brown plad rocket dog sneakers. My kneecaps froze, but atleast I was comfy.

So I spent my time up on la computadora, more specifically, the interweb. I spend most of my time on youtube Here, Deviantart here, and a few other places. Commented, dA journaled, messaged. It wasn't to eventful. Tho I did kinda have a breakthrew on how to make dark, curly hair look more so. Oh, did you know I have a twitter account? I totally forgot about it. I made it in August. Who knew?

And I am so Pissssssed. The main computer doesn't like threadless. -booit'ssuchawhore- So yeah. I think that's it. Um. I have overdue school library books already. Five of them :D And I've done some animal sketches. It's exactly 1:59am Wendsday(with 2 d's) morning. Posting as soon as I can turn on the router downstairs. -ugh-


October 6, 2008

What Do You Want?

Hello. This would be blog Numero Uno. Let me introduce myself. I am a nerd, who has lost all feeling toward everything. It's like everything I really cared about has gone out the window. I can't seem to stop procrastinating and start putting forth effort. I'm having a hell of a time getting everything done for my sophomore year of high school.

All I seem to be into are sleeping, a little drawing, and doing nothing on the internet. This means I am wired at 3AM, but can bearly stay wake durring school. That is not good.

That's all for now,