December 31, 2008

I'm having a MidWrite Crisis.

I can't seem to stick myself to my Vampire Novel, cause I'm to busy thinking of different Ideas, that I really like and want to follow, but I was hoping to finish my final draft before the end of 2009. I must be mental.. I dunno, but it's a good thing I write everything down.
Our interweb is bein screwy, just like our cable x_x it's a pain. 
Yesterday, I went to FYE and got 4 CD's- Muse, 30h3!, Fall Out Boy and Aly & Aj. Then I went to Barns & Noble, and got a bunch of books, including Abundance of Kathrines and 101 Rules for Writing. :D
It's been so nice and not cold, but now there's a foot of snow on the ground. I quit.
I'm off to be negative, so I can *try* to be positive


December 29, 2008

I was without internet for over 26 hours.

I watched many of the movies we got for Christmas (but there are still tons more). I also read like, 7 pages of my first novel. I'm a procrastinator, I cant help it. :( I need to read it all so I can start draft two tho (and work on a better epilouge, because Rachel hates those like I wrote, and I quite agree with her.) And I started another one.... just the begining, like the prolouge, soon as it's done I'm closing it. The best I can. So I dont get caught up in it.
I've been playin El Guitaro, I can play 'Cry' by the Veronicas, and Iknow all the chord for 'Walkin on Sunshine' as Aly & Aj Covered it. Woo, 2 songs in less than 2 months. I feel special, and I can sorta play most of the chorus of '4ever' and I'm workin on the verses. Not even gonna try to sing it.
So that's it, I guess. 90 views on my Rathbone drawing on YT. That's more than half then i have on my drawin of kristen stewart that's been up for like 2 or 3 months :D Yay.


December 28, 2008

It's Still Saturday, Cause I haven't been to bed yet

So This is in # Parts
1.What I did Today (I don't care if it's 1:30 AM, it's still Saturday)
3.Translating German
5.Jackson Rathbone aka Jasper Hale
6.Novel infoooo

Part One
So Today was kinda boring. I cropped the drawing I did yesterday, Napped, Cleaned the 
kitchen and livingroom. I talked to Bethany.. And then at like 10:30 P
M, Padre and I watched Chronicals of Narnia; Lion The Witch & The Wordrobe. Gosh, is it
 sad my father and I have tons of inside jokes? I hope not. 
A majorit
y of my day was also spent (sorry) yelling and cursing at Windows Movie Maker, because it took atleast Half a Dozen hours for my latest video alone, just saving. But that's okay, I guess.
Part Dos
Deviantart Annoys me. I will 'x' out something I have no intrest in seeing, like fanfiction by some
one i'm watching, whose never posted that before, but is so enthralled by something I've never heard of, that they just had to write it. But Devian
tart likes to not save and make me deal with it again.
Part Drei
So you may not know this, but I really like the German language. The CD you see to the left is 1 of 3 german CD's I own, and is one
 of two by Killerpilze (in english Killer mushrooms) For a youtube video I'm planning [yes, Imma youtube addict, 
sue me] I am translating the
 one song, Liebmichhassmich, meaning love me hate me. If you look toward the right *Hopefully* you will see what I have so far. You may not be able to read it, it's only the first two lines of German in Black pen, with literal english translations below. When I go all video, It wont go 'I know not what love is' I will just put I don't know what love is. Stuff like that. I doubt I will get much more of it done. I'm to much of a procrastinator. I'd like to finish with the whole song, it's not real long, but at my rate, I wont' be done translating before 2010 starts. xD If any of you speak German and would be willing to proof read, that'd be awesome. My school teaches not German, so I have to do it all mahself. :(
Part Four
I think I may be addicted to youtube, ask Gustav, the new video camera. (yeah, that's him to the left) That's okay, right? I mean, if it helps me as an artist, and is good motivation, That's alright, right? I dunno.
If you want to subscribe to me, mine is and I'm told that other than my art videos, I'm mildly entertaining. And the new camera means even better ones, like my speed drawing of Jackson Rathbone, which you will see in my Fifth part of this blog. [look down]
Part funf
So if you read my last blog (rachel) you may have read I drew Jackson Rathbone and possibly squeeled (rachel) but I won't name anyone *coughrachelcough* I don't like it. In fact, I want to name it the most epicly epic fail on paper... But I wont. The video is below, and in hours it's gotten more views then my latest vlog has in two days. lolz.
Ze Video
*Note the ruler of doom. It's why I don't like drawing from life... People dont like you taking a ruler to their face... Hey! That's going in the next youtube vid. :D
Part Six
Yeah, the Band Geek Novel = On hold. I'm in a Vampire state of mind. I have many pages full in my first mini notebook already. But i'm comming up with awesome ideas for more novels, so those are in their too. I'm actually carrying around 2 notebooks; One for novels, one for just everyday things, funny life things, you never know when they would fit good in a novel.
Part Seven


December 27, 2008

I declare the 26th national hippo day

Cause I say so! I went to see Marley & Me with My mum, her sister, her sister's daughter and her sister's daughter's friend.^^ I cried, which is not normal, because the last  movie I really cried at was lion king, you know, when simba tries to wake Mufasa up after her dies ;(
Then we had diner, and it ended terribly. My VEGETARIAN marked Eggplant Parm had meat in the sauce, and they wouldn't poach me an egg. Twas Retardis. Then we left due to the estranged cousin, but let's not touch on that.
Then we went to walmart and I got some mini note pads, so when I go anywhere, I wont have to write on napkins. or my hands and legs. And They are bright colors... anb black and white, but it's nice.
Oh, and expect more blog pictures, because I got collin and no longer have to use mum's camera and put it back when I'm done with it. Yeah, that black blur is Collin, it's hard to use a mirror for the picture, without gettin my mess of a room in it.
OHOHOHOHOH!!! I drew Jackson Rathbone and it sort of looks like him. I'll post that in my next blog, later today. :D It sorta looks like him. but I could give you a list of things wrong with it.  :(
Okay, I'm off to watch one of the dozens of DVD's with mah parents.


December 26, 2008

Christmas for The Win!!!

Yay! I loved watching my parent's open their presents, it's the most entertaining thing ever, especially while recording it on the new Video Camera :D Tis Awesome, really. And because I'm me, I need to tell you what I got;
Sculpy Clay up ze wazoo, DVDs up ze wazoo (including Footloose and West Side Story), 'Tales Of Beetle The Bard', A guitar playing kit(thinggie mabober with DVD and Guitar stand), Portfolio, Large (XL) drawing pad, H2 And 6B pencils, Blenders, A model Cow (cause cows Mooooole), a New Digital Camera Named Colin (after Colin Creevy, as in "Hello Harry. I'm Colin Creevy, and I'm in Gryffindor Too!') and the 'family' got A Brand new Tripod, Case and Panasonic Video Camera, named Gustav, drummer for Tokio Hotel.
We went to dinner at my Grandparent's new house, which was nice, I guess. All I ate was mac 'n' cheese, because everything had meat in it, but it was okay, because I was the only one not weighed down thanks to pigging out. :) Vegetarianism For The Win.  I think I'm gonna go draw something and *Hopefully* get it on camera :D

-Sarah (I less than 4 you all )

December 24, 2008

Less than 1 hour and a half till Christmas

And I still have to Wrap presents x_x so yeah. I'm so frigging tired. But I don't get to sleep, cause mum will come home early and we'll have Christmas at some unearthly early hour of the morning. yay presents! I was gonna try and draw something for my aunt too, but I dunno if that will happen.
Christmas mass was awesome, Father Mike for the Holy Win. :D
I have to go clean the shower :D I was washing my person, when I had a break through for my vampire novel, something important BEFORE i start draft 2. So I smeared liquid soap all over the walls of the shower and used my finger to write in it. Just know this, Evil vampires are on hitler's side. (yeah, don't ask, it's safer that way)
Sorry, no music video today, but do you guys actually like them? You've got to tell me.
Have a Merry Christmas (cause I'm pretty sure all my watchers are Christian [Catholic be Kate]) So I'm not putting forth effort to not offend those of other religions, Which are equally nice, but I'm to tired so yeah. Meh.
Guten Abent

December 23, 2008


An activity I pilfered from Rachel's blog (

1. Put your iTunes on shuffle
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

2) WHAT WAS YOUR CHILDHOOD LIKE. . . Cemetary Drive (x_x)
4) HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY?... Wach Auf (Come On in German)
7) WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU?... Video Girl (????)
8) WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT VERY OFTEN?... Something Bad (ahhh, Wicked)
9) WHAT IS 2+2?... Teenagers
10) WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR BEST FRIEND?... To The End (well, that's a good answer. ILY Windows Media Playe)
11) WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE PERSON YOU LIKE?... Girlfriend (Like, seriously? I no longer Love You Windows Media Player. Stupid WMP, thinks he likes me)
12) WHAT IS YOUR LIFE STORY?... You Know What they Do To Guys Like Us In Prison (0.o I don't want to know)
13) WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? ... complicated (If that were true, I'd already be grown up)
14) WHAT DO YOU THINK WHEN YOU SEE THE PERSON YOU LIKE? ... Let The Flames Begin (wow.. This things good. How did it know?)
15) WHAT DO YOUR PARENTS THINK OF YOU?... Mouth Shut (They do tell me to shut up a lot...)
17) WHAT WILL THEY PLAY AT YOUR FUNERAL?... Letzte Minute (YES! Windows Media Player you WIN! It's later Times in German 'Today is the day, is so dark is so black..' it goes on to say I want the later days)
18) WHAT IS YOUR HOBBY/INTEREST? ... Because I'm Awesome (How Is That A Hobby?)
19) WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR FRIENDS? ... Rette Mich (Rescue Me. Wow. A cry for help.... WMP you did it again)
20) WHAT'S THE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN?... He Wasn't (Hey, WMP, you win)
1) HOW WILL YOU DIE?... Thank You For The Venom..... (so I'll get bit by a snake. Good to know)
22) WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU REGRET? ... Seven Days Without You (awww, that be sweeet, you know, if I had a 'You')
23) WHAT MAKES YOU LAUGH?... I'm Not Okay (I promise) [Nice. I do laugh when I get hurt]
24) WHAT MAKES YOU CRY?... Perfect (Gosh, fav Simple Plan song ever, and it does make me cry)
25) WILL YOU EVER GET MARRIED? ... Unwanted (hahaha. Very Funny)
26) WHAT ARE YOU SCARED OF? ... This Is How it Feels (so... bein honest?)
27) DOES ANYONE LIKE YOU? ... This Love (Gahh WMP why are you using the Veronicas to Confuse me?)
29) WHAT HURTS RIGHT NOW? ... Eyes On Fire (well,... I see how that could hurt)
30) WHAT WILL YOU POST THIS AS?... Take Me ON The Floor (I already used that, how about Rand00m)

Over My Head

I totally forgot what day it is. It's Christmas Eve Eve, or a day after the winter solstic. I personally don't like winter any more. Tis suckish. It's dark after Five, and I still need to get the mail -_-
I was very productive today, Cleaning and putting things away, doing laundry and writing chapter Five, which I will post (rachel) and if you want to read it, email and I'll make it so you can see it :D Over 7 Thousand words yay! But not nearly as good as my Vampire Novel, which I am going to read over a few times before looking at my friends edits again and starting draft two.
I frosted Christmas Cookies! And if I finish the hippo one's you'll get pictures, but they may have to wait till tomorrow. I dunno yet.
Off to write some more 


| Watch
| This
| Or just listen (it's just lyrics)
'Over My Head (cable car)' by the Fray

December 22, 2008

Reach Out

And go to This Place and buy something with my drawing of this On it. I would Really like a subscription on deviantart. Okay, maybe not, but it's christmas, so I figured I'd ask.
So today was a very lazy day as well. First off, I only shoveled twice, which was nice (normally I shovel 4 or 5 times) and I slept on this stripped pullout thingie from 3am to 11am so, yay, sleep. Makes me groggy tho, and I finished more of chapter four, that I didn't realize needed to be in chapter four. And I've gotten a bit of chapter five done.
I really haven't done much else other than doodling. I'm planning on whipping out the pencils and art supplies later tonight, cause I be night owl. :D Yeah.
Still havent heard anything about the morons trying to make school 4 days a week instead of 5. Personally I think, if they're going to change that, they need to make it 6 days a week with sundays off, and have school run from september to May. But that's just one girls oppinion.
I watched the Wizard of Oz, it's been way to long. I love Wicked and have been listening to the soundtrack too. <4


| Woah
| Hillary's
| Gotten
| Pervish
'Reach Out' by Hilary Duff


God, you have no clue how hard that chapter was. I dunno why, it seems more filler than anything, but it just took so much effort -_- Oh well, It's done and that's good enough from me.
If you wanna read it as I write it, just comment with your email. And I warn you, it shall have no editing, and it takes place in a high school. Yeah.... Weeeeeee it's done!!! Imma go draw now :D

-SARAHHH is my Name-o and Imma an Awesome Bassoonist (see previous blog)

December 21, 2008

My fingers are so cold I'm having issues typing

But I shall not be detured! I'm finishing this frigging chapter, or my name is not Sarah and I am not a kick ass bassoonist. But, seriously, I'm aiming for a thousand and six hundred words for each chapter, and I want to finish my novel (tis #2) by january, so on January first I can start draft Two of my first novel. Let me thank all of you who are reading my new novel as I write it. I appreciate feedback. I less than four you, yup, that's how awesome ya'll are, so awesome that less than three isn't enough.<4
So today I SLEPT! Which suck, because I was trying to watch 'Year Without A Santa Clause' which you all [didn't] know is my Favorite Christmas special of all time. ALL TIME people!
And I've been Reading 'No Plot? No Problem?' by Chris Baty, it's all about NaNoWriMo, which you should recall if you've been reading my blogs, was last month. It's taken me a month and a half to find it, but I did. It sucks though, that I did'nt have it for NaNoWriMo, because if I had, all my papers would have had 'Future Bad Ass Novelist' in them in my novel planning pen. It's okay though, There's always next year :D
My lame-o cousin hasn't been on skype in forever (i be doofusmaximus btw) and it's buggin the shit out of me. I haven't talked to her in forever and I really need to. Cuzzy Wuzzy, if you're reading this, Get Online!
I still haven't heard back from the friend who's on the edge of eating disorder and being a normal self concious teenage girl. My guess is she's not gonna talk to me ever again. But it's okay because I wouldn't talk to anyone planning on sending the counselor on my ass either.
Off to go shovel again, in the dark,


PS, don't be supprised if you get a random blog late at night screaming chapter completed. I'm your favorite, remember that :P

| Watch
| This
| Video...
'Dear Maria, Count Me In' by All Time Low. Yuppers. It's pretty nifty. Makes me wish I was a Maria. 

December 20, 2008


Not to toot my own horn, but I can totally play 'Cry' on the guitar, and I've got it almost totally memorized. Yeah, just saying.
Tis day one of break and I feel like crap! It's just like me to get sick at the worse possible times, I think I always do. But then I felt better and shoveled for like 30-45 minutes. Mom then took me to the store to get Tofu and Mooli and some other stuff for Fried Tofu Balls (what I'm bringing to X-mas, so unlike last year, I'll have more than the veggie tray to eat. I swear I ate 3/4 of that sucker) Then we went to Taco Bell, I gotted me Chalupa Baja with Rice instead of beef. The wait took bloody forever though.
When I got home I started feeling horrible again. It wouldn't suprise me if I had a double ear infectin and strep throat- cause I'm an over achiever. Yup.
I've hit writers block, and I'm only on chapter four xD But I think I may have found the perfect Dynamite to blow the block up.
And I found this awesome thing, The Sketchbook Project, they send you one, you fill it up with awesome and all of the sketchbooks are taken to 6 different galleries. :D Check it out-
Yuppers, that'd be it. Oh, wait. I did tell my friend, who has a body mass of roughly 19.5, One away from being underweight, that she was an idiot for wanting to lose 20-30 pounds. She only needs to lose 10 to be underweight. Woo, and she didn't seem to care. I've told her before it's unhealthy to want to be 'Skinny' as she says. And I told her I will feel no sympathy when she developes some eating disorder. NOTE: It takes no sympathy to go and tell her counselor.
Spitefully yours,

| Watch
| Zee
| Video
'Cry' Acousticly Live by the Veronicas

December 19, 2008

Everything I Ask For

My blogs seem to be getting very, I dunno Impersonal. Maybe I've lost my touch :0 I dunno, I'm just really apathetic about everything, apart from reading, writing and drawing.
It's really cold in my room, and I don't like that. I cant get the storm window to shut, so I'm screwed, really.
Break now, so let's all give a sigh of relief. -ahhh- Yeah, and my 5 week grades came :D All in the seventies -Shit- my parents consider that failing all of my classes, so in the next 4-ish weeks, they all need to be 80 or higher or I'll lose my art class, which I have to take for any art classes next year. 
Oh, I did a sketch and you want to see it... I think-  Yeah, I know, Draco Fangirl. :P
Did you know that red + a teeny tiny drop of black paint makes blood red? it's real nice to use on paintings in school, and get it on yourself. Muahaha.
Imma go write another chapter now, or start one. Yeah


| Watch This
| Video
| The song's
| Stuck in 
| Mah Head
'Everything I Ask For' by the Maine.

December 18, 2008

Mein Herz ist Gift für dich

'My Heart Is Poison For You' That's a rough translation of the song title by Fraulein Wunder, roughly 'Miss Wonder' a cuartet of german females, who are the equivallent to Killerpilze (in mah eyes. Jo is SOOO sexy. I could do without the guylining tho..) but yeah, Youtube suggested the video, which is suprising, normally I'm just suggested 'How To Be Emo' and 'Vlogs' so yeah. If I ever translate this song, I'll post it for you :D
Pep Rally Tomorrow, not real excited for it -_- Okay I hate pep rallies. You would to if you played Bari Sax. So shortened periods... yay.
I'm off to go paint bananas lolz


December 17, 2008

Call It Off

So I didn't post yesterday, thank's dad -_- but, whatever. I've been WRITING! Gosh, it just feels great to finish each chapter, like I've created something great out of nothing :D Yeah, so if you want to read that, I need your Email so I can make you a blog author, and you can read every chapter as I post it.
The band went to play at the mall today, but we only got 45 mins, so I didn't get to run to Barns & Noble or FYE (which is suckish) but, whatever. Art, I got covered in red paint, and everyone was like 'What'd you do to your hand?' (it was all a crimson red) so I just told them 'I punched a bear in the face, It was trying to take me Amp.' (Amp's a caffinated energy drink I seem to have in my locker at all times.)
Yeah, so I have to finish presents for my edior monkies for x-mas, and I'm just about done with my next chapter -yay!-


| Watch
| The
| Video
'Call It Off' by Tegan & Sara 

December 15, 2008


So I posted Chapter Two of my new novel yay, I'm being productive! And as soon as birday stealer gets me her edited copy of my NaNo Novel I can work on draft Numero dos :D I like writing.
School is pretty icky, I dun like it. I feel really bad tho, there's this one kid I was laughing at on the way to the bus.... So I think I will apologize tomorrow, gosh -so embarrasing- but, whatever, it's the right thing to do.
I was grounded for about 5 hours today, I think padre is Bipolar, but I'm okay as long as I keep getting Harry back. 
And YouTube think's Im a dork and need to change. all my Recomended videos are 'How to Be Emo/Scene' I'm sorry but I'm not the kind of kid who could do that... Plus, I'd get beaten up. LOLZ.
Do you know what's fun? teaching mah friend German durring Spanish class :D Only the important stuff like 'I hate you' (gosh I'm negative... Oh wait, I dun care!)
Yeah. I think that's it for now... Okay, Gute Nacht!


| Watch
| Video
'Insomnia' by the Veronicas, just the one pic and the AWESOME song

December 14, 2008

Fear Of Tomorow

Hehe, I love when song titles make sense with what's going on. :D But yeah, school tomorow X_X but I'll live... hopefully.
Summer & Cass left, then Mum and Padrass and I went to zee mall. I got the stuff for me editor monkies, I just need 1 more thing to pull it all together.. I dunno. And I can go Merry Christmas you smell(but are not a whore lolz).
I've got to draw my x-mas cards. And I didn't have time to finish chapter 2 of 'Band Geeks Have feelings Too' which saddens me greatly. :(
I have to stay after to swim tomorow -notfun- so I gots to go wash my suit...
Better Update Tomorow


| watch
| video
'Fear of Tomorow' by Aloha From Hell, sorry it's a slide show, you cant get the vid. embedded.

December 13, 2008

You Had Me

So I have stuff on Writing and my kick ass writing softwear (rachel), Drawing, music, Twilight Movie and books, so let's get started.
So I've got like 2.5 thousand words so far, just email if you'd like to read it. I use which is yWriter4, and it is AWESOME and FREE!!!! yay free!
I'm trying to draw an x-mas present, not going well X( But I'll be fine. And I've been listening to lots of music, but need more band's and stuff, so let me know what you listen too, I'll listen to most stuff. :D
And i saweded the twilight movie with summer and cassie and it was better then I was expecting, but ehh.
Oh, I need another book to read :D


| Watch
| Ze 
| Video
"You Had Me" By Joss Stone

Brand New Key

Oh, happy song for yall :) I tried and I appreciate none of the 'Just make yourself' happy crap I've gotten. It's like, do you think I wouldn't if I could? Tis annoying.
I've hit Two Thousand words on ze new Novel. I'm not writing nearly as much as Nano, but I want to get atleast 3-5 hundred words a day in.
I got no sleep last night, but my room is almost clean. Mom stashed her camera, which Isn't good, cause I need it so I can take pics as I draw.
So = <3,>
-SSSssssssssss I'mma snake 

| View 
| The 
| Video 
V 'Brand New Key' By the Dollyrots

Take Me On The Floor

OMG! It's A SONG! Gosh, I just steal their titles. But yeah, I feel the need to update you, again. Cause I can. I've been Writing! Novel Number Two, Working Title 'Band Geeks Have Feelings Too' which I think is awesome. Below is a screen shot to show you so far, just 2 days of writing while distracted and unapplied. You can see word counts, a few charrie names and a few other things, just so you can have an Idea of how I'm doing. IF you want to read it, I can make a new blog and make you a blog author, just let me know if you'd like to (You could edit if you'd like, we'd have to talk about that tho) so email me at

So yeah, story for ya. I need to keep cleaning my room, but the circled red value was to good to ignore, don't be suprised if you see any other screencaps with similar number :D Bah-humbug 12:35AM.


| Look
| Below
| for The
V video
'Take Me On The Floor' By the Veronicas
(**NOTE** Yeah, I know it's pervish, especially the one almost chantish part. It's stuck in my head or I totally would have used something else.)

December 12, 2008

I'm Gone, I'm Going

Can I say I quit? Like seriously, this whole 'happy at school' isn't working. I just want to crash and sleep for days. Not that I really could. Insomnia is a bitch, but I've become the best 'fake sleeper-er in the whole United States, so I guess that's Pwnage :P
My twin and her sis are comming tommorow, hopefully that will help. And I'm drawing this weekend, I have to; Horse, Jackson Rathbone, Legolas or Aragogn(sp? LOTR King),some Barlow Girl, Hippos and an Ass (As in a donkey, what did you think?!?!), all for friends.
Ugh -mustcleanroom- Ahhh -headdesk-


| I do
| Like
| The posting
| a video
| and using the song title tho :D
V I'm gone, I'm going by Lesley Roy (just song, couldn't get the vid embeded)

December 11, 2008

Don't Gimme That

Ever feel really confused about how you feel. You hate yourself but love yourself, feel great and horrible, like people and hate them at the same time? Yeah, confusing, my head is reeling and I cannot wait until Christmas and break. It's just really, really, really, really overwhelming at the moment, and I don't know why.
I can't draw right now. I mean, I aways suck, but it's so much worse now than usual, and with presents to make, I'm pretty distraught. 
Ever like someone, and then all the sudden you're hit with the realization that they are an ass? Yeah, it hurts, but you're also relieved that no one likes you, so you don't get stuck with an ass.
Oh, I've surpassed a thousand words on my new novel, and thanks to Rachel for her Edits on UVFOEP. :D
Now to go get yelled at

V the video below, is Don't Gimme That, by aloha from hell. BTW

December 6, 2008


So I watch this girl, Rachel and her blog, and she recently shared poetry of hers, I decided I would share my favorite of what I've written, it was like, a year + ago, but yeah. We were alowd to write what ever we wanted...... 
I Hate You
 do not like you
in fact,
i think i hate you
i find you so stupid
it is almost as if you don't know anything
what you wear is stupid
the way you talk is, like, so, totally, stupid
your criticism is obnoxious
your attitude makes me sick
your tring to be someone other then yourself
your a riddiculus farse
if i could, i would just kick you in the arse
i've found my tongue as sharp as a razor, ready to insult you idiots
yet, maybe i shouldn't
our heads have butted so many times
but maybe i am partially at fault
a hypocrite who hates hypocrites?
no, it's not my fault
it is your fault
i hate you.

December 5, 2008

Stories and Sleep

EVERYONE CAN READ MY STORY! They just have to comment me with their email or email me at (yes, capitalized, like mah youtube) And will make them reader of the new blog I'm putting it on :D
I havent slept in 8 days. Hopeing tonight will be different.

BORED! (writing another story while my editor monkeys edit.. Muahaha!)

December 3, 2008

i finished! Woo

Sorry i havn't blogged, I've been busy, so here's a few days worth (and a chance to read my story??????)

Closest thing to A victory vid I can make, and it's day SEVEN without sleep, other than dozing in Geometry and english.

Band Concert, I kicked ass with my bassoon(that's funny squared because the part where 2 tubes connect is called the boot.

I'm writing another story thanks to this 2nd person thing I wrote a while ago, you'll get a link to that insipration once I find it and type it up

NOVEL STUFF!!!!( copyed and tweeked from dA)

Yesh I am actually going to print it out and give copies to people..... Now they will have to return it in a few weeks... with there honest and brutal editing all over the thing. Spelling shouldn't be to horrible, but I turned off grammercheck and added 'Vampitastic' so yeah... Its 98 pages, font size 13 so I don't know how many copies I will get printed.

If you want to read my novel and know me IRL:
--Comment this journal
--I will then hand it to you during school in a folder or essay covery thing
--You will read it and edit, I have totally bumped up the margines and spacing, so WRITE ALL OVER IT! lolz. I suggest
-----Putting in where you want chapters put.. Yup, I have like 2-3 exta line breaks if I think I want a chapter, but you can put them ANYWHERE YOU WANT :d
-----Colored Pens/Pencils
-----Sticky notes
--I want this Back. When, you ask? Take your time reading and editing, I want your honest opinion. But If I'm hoping to finish editing by May, I'm gonna need these back in a few weeks, I'm hoping before break so I can haul ass and edit like a feind. (Sp?)
--Give me Title Suggestions!
-And don't bother counting words. The first and only edit I've done since writing is cutting out a few thousand words at the end, so it's Not 50k anymore.

IF YOU DON"T LIVE NEAR ME but are my FRIEND(I don't have a list of friends, the one in my past journals is just to incomplete)
You're gonna have to email me if You really wanna read it, Teenager who's Vegetarian, who turns vampiric... Yeah, I'm serious.
but Yeah if you email me at (I lost my old Email and all the emails I saved T_T) and we can work something out.So yeah, I know who wants one, But they can comment anyway Muahahaha!Since it's almost a hundred pages each, i warn you it may take a few days to get them printed. I can mail it to you, but you'd have to promise to mail it back, and stuff.

Yeah, it's it. :D THANK YOU GUYS FOR THE SUPPORT! Especially Rachel's Nov. 30 Blogblogblog. It made me Smilesmilesmile. Thanksthanksthanks! lolz


November 30, 2008

42,500 words down, 7,500 to go!

I just totally finished the fight (unlike breaking dawn the most anti-climactic book ever) and it was a total blood bath -lolzz- I find it funny that this vegghead writes the most gruesom scenes ever. So I just killed my Main character's parents and the rest will be pretty breaking dawn-ish. You know, big build up but then lame 'violence free' fight.


November 29, 2008

3 Am

And they're forcing me to go to 'bed' when I'm only at 34.7k words. Typing set at size 8.5 seems to make me faster -yay- Sorry I'm so boring, but as soon as nano is over, I'll get much better & more blogs -I Promise-


November 28, 2008

Gahh! Only 32!

So I keep getting distracted, by myspace, christmas lists and exotic tofu.

Thanksgiving is stupid.


November 27, 2008

Thirty Thousand!

Oh my! Two Bari Saxophones in the last Marching Band I saw, just like Skippeh and I! Woo! And the NYPD Had a Bari in their Marching Band too. Bari FTW!
And have you seen the Commercial Cobin Bleu did for the new Guitar Hero for Nintendo DS. Less creepy then the one for rockband, he can dance, but still odd.

-----10 ish mins later------
So The marching band from James Madison University in Virgina just played, and they were amazing. My lesson teacher for bassoon went there, and I am totally sold on going there now. AMAZING THEY WERE!!

------10 more minutes-------------
Yay! I've passed thirty by a hundred and nineteen. yay! Oh my, I'm such a spazz.


Never Gonna Give YOU Up

OMG! Rick Astley is singing 'Never Gonna Give You Up' on the Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Float in the Macy's's Parade, and Cheez (I like chocolate Milk) Just went 'I LOVE RICK ROLLing!'
So yeah, I have over 29k so until we go to dinner, I may keep posting as I get more.
That reminds me, I need to bring some vegetarian meat substitute, since I wont be eating turkey. Chicken Nuggets or Corn Dogs? Oh and I need to make my Veggie gravy.
Later, Sarah must keep writing and cook!


Two more thousand

Okay, 27k after loosing my comp. all day -smackfathersmack- yeah. So typing like mad. No excerpt for now, but soon, after I hit 35K (which I WILL do tonight, thanks to the cans of AMP) I just set up something BIG for the rest of the novel. Huzzah!
So yeah, spazzy is over and out.


ps, thank's for the encouraging words, it's um.... encouraging? Sorry, all creativity goes toward the story.

November 24, 2008

Less Depressed Blog

So yeah, I lost it yesterday, something about late night inability to play the guitar that makes me emotional. I blame the D minor Chord.
So I'm writing and I will get charrie info up semi-soon. I have less then a week to write like, 27 thousand words, I'm way behind. So yeah, you'll get charrie Info soon.
AITN stands for Apathy Is Thy Name, btw.


November 23, 2008

Sorry for the second post in less then 3 hours.

I'm so angry, frustrated. I can't play guitar well enough, and my voice is the worst ever, so I'm handing it in as a poem. I decided to tell you instead of cry. Because I feel like crying. which is weird, because I never cry. It's against the rules.


Continuation of Previous Excerpt, Oh Goodie!


I looked up to see a very angry looking red head, her jade eyes on fire. And her hood covered most of her face. The red hair sticking out of her hood looked almost like a mane of fire. “Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth. You’re so predictable. That’s going to get you killed one of these days.” She leaned down face to face and I caught her pungent scent, wrinkling my nose. “I hate you, you know. It’s very personal, and makes me want to kill you, and I would,” she said, stepping on my hand before I could get up and then kicked my in the side. “But I can’t kill you, because Azra needs you. She needs anyone she can get, really. Even your stupid ass would help the cause.”
“Who are you?” I asked, glaring at her and holding my side.
“Me? Oh, I’m Morgan, Steven’s sister.”
“Yeah, he and I were turned by Emily, at the Christmas party a few years ago. Don’t ask for how it happened, we were so zonked on eggnog, I cant remember half of it. But that doesn’t matter. All that matters now is that you and that stupid Nicholas are brought to your doom and that Azra takes over, well, Everything.” She smiled at me, looking even more menacing then before. “The two of you have ruined way to many things. First you kill Steven before he gets a chance to turn you all the way. Then you kill Emily, my creator, gosh I miss Emily, I loved her so much,” she said with a sigh. Nick had warned me about extreme attachment between vampires and those who changed them, while Annabella was in the process of turning. I found the whole thing quite odd. She kicked me again in the stomach, and her gloved hands came down to tie my arms behind my back, tightly. She then yanked me up to my feet and pushed my toward the street. A large black hearse stopped at the corner and 3 pale looking Halflings flew out of the vehicle, shoved a paper bag over my head, and shoved me in it, banging my head on the doorway.
“So this is her?” I heard one of the Halflings ask Morgan. “She’s the slime who got Steve and Emily killed?”
“Yes,” Morgan said, loudly. “Feel free to rough her up a bit.” Her voice cracked has she let out an awful hackle. I felt the vehicle turn a corner quickly, slamming me into the door and making me groan. This made the Halflings join in laughing. The driver kept taking sharp corners, which threw me all over, since I was tied up to keep me from escaping.
I cant tell you how long we were in that car, but I can tell you we took 10 sharp turns and stopped hard 7 times, the last time being the worse, I landed on the floor. I was yanked out of the car and thrown on the ground. They dragged me over a parking lot and grass and then my feet caught a doorstop, causing everyone to stumble upon me as I felt back to the ground.
“Up, you stupid Halfling,” said a low voice before I was kicked in the behind. I struggled to me feet and was shoved down the hallway, our steps echoing loudly. Their smells we beginning to reach my nose, and even though the bag blocked most of it, the faint smells were horrible and made me gag. The hall was drafty, but was getting warmer and warmer as we walked, until we took a sharp turn and I tripped over another door frame.
I was picked up, thrown against a wall, and then cold metal bands clicked shut around my wrists and ankles. The bag was removed from my head and every teenager’s nightmare came true; the high school I attended every fall was being used as an evil lair for vampires and their Halflings. There were dead bodies along the walls, and a pair of humans tied together in a corner, whispering to each other, as if the vampires couldn’t hear them. Lunch tables were randomly put out and the cafeteria we were in had vampires mulling around each of the tables.
Then, out of the largest group, one of the vampires broke off from the group and approached me. She was very petit, her skin a pale ivory, and her golden hair went well with her harsh emerald eyes. Her mouth was curved into an upside down half moon and open just enough to see her teeth.
“Annabella,” she said in a harsh tone. “I wondered when I would finally meet you, and I’m glad it’s sooner then later.” She looked me up and down, sized me up, and cocked her head to the side. Placing her elbow in her hand and the other hand on her face she spoke again. “You know, you’re luck to have turned. You will essentially live forever, and isn’t that what everyone wants, Immortality? You should be thanking me.”
“And why is that?” I asked harshly as I glared at her.
“Because I started it all,” she said, throwing her hands in a large, circular gesture. If it were not for me, Michel never would have turned Steven, meaning you would still be a puny little mortal.”
“Azra,” I said to my self, practically whispering.
“That’s Right! I am the one, the only-”
“The Magnificent,” chimed in another vampire.
“The Malevolent,” added another.
“Azra!” She said, getting close to me face, cackling uncontrollably. I rolled my eyes and let out a sigh, so she slapped me across the face. “Respect me, you fool! I am Queen of The Vampires! I control your fate, I could kill you now if I wanted. Or I could kill Nicholas if you’d like.” My eyes widened in panic. If she hadn’t succeeded thus far, how could that be true. Unless she had sacrificed Steven to lure me and my family into a false sense of security. As always, my thoughts played across my face. “That hit a heartstring, didn’t it. The second you step out of line, he’s dead.”

Oooh, it's a long one. Tell me what you thing, and it is exactly what comes right after the previous excerpt.

So I still have to record the song for english, but I'm pretty sure i'm not handing it in. I'm so EMBARRASSED!
And sketcher- SO ADDICTING!


November 22, 2008



I stepped onto the playground, gravel crunching under my feet, and walked over to the swing I was on when Annabella found me. The metal chain holding the seat was warm from the sun, and the plastic seat stuck to parts of my legs that weren’t covered by my jean shorts. The breeze from swinging felt good on my warm skin, but the squeeky chain irritated me a bit. It only lasted a few minutes, for before I knew it, I was shoved off the swing onto my hands and knees, which threw gravel everywhere.

Yeah, it's really teeny and it's probbably the nicest written part of the book. No, I take that back, when I set up changes in setting, those are the best parts. I'm still way behind, but I'm hopefully making good time. -uhhh-

In other news I feel uderly crappy, someone shoot me. And I need a video camera ASAP.


November 20, 2008

So if I don't eat or sleep

26 pages, 19k words. -oye-
I can do whatever I need off the computer from 10pm to 4am. Use the comp from 3 when I get home till 9:30pm and practice guitar for half an hour till 10. If that makes sense to you.. 3 gold stars.

So I've got to find references off the computer so I can draw at night. OH and I'm drawing an Ood for my new art coverpage. -huzzah!- Ood=coolashell

So I'm gonna go write some more.

BUT I GOTTED MY ENGLISH SONG DONE! I may make a video of it, and post it :D


November 18, 2008

Not after Nine Thirty

So i was told my all Passing grades were unacceptable, so I have to give up the laptop at 9:30. even tho I don't have to go to bed till 10. So I prob. wont be able to finish my novel, and I can't draw at night, cause Harry has all my references. So I'm SCREWED for the next Five weeks. -hatesparents-


November 17, 2008


4Ever has the cooliest Guitar part. Let's hope I can play it.

Off to write and draw and film.


November 16, 2008

Fifteen Thousand words makes me behind...

Ooh, Excerpt;

I walked down to the old playground that my friends and I used to play at, when we were younger, and I sat down in one of the swings. I closed my eyes and pumped my legs making me go higher. I felt the breeze in my face, and heard the whoosh of the wind and relaxed. I tried to forget everything wrong that was happening, but was interupted by a voice.
“Elizabeth, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” I opened my eye to look straight into the face Of my sister.
“Anns, are you okay?”
“Fine, but you have to come with me.” There was something wrong with her. Her body was more ridged, and she was more pale than usual. I slowed the swing to a stop and she grabbed me by my wrist.
I twisted to try to get out of her grasp but her grip was super strong. “What happened to you?” She started twitching and flinching.
“Nothing, It just-” before she could finish her ssentence she folded at the knees and hit the ground in a pile of sobs and twitches. “Hurts!” she was shrill as she kept moving.
I crouched down and held my older sister by her shoulders. She was loosing her smell and she didn’t feel cold to me. “Who bit you?” I was angry and practically yelled at her, causing her to flinch away from you.
“I don’t know,” she kept sobbing, “Some guy with white hair.” She arched her back as if she was reaching to the sky. “It hurts so much,” she sobbing into my shoulder, still twitching.
“I know, I know.”
“No You Don’t!” she cried, biting my shoulder to try and stop screaming.
“I told you I was a vampire. But I won’t let them put you in the hospital like I was.” Her eyes got wide, and took a breath as if she was going to say something back, but instead screamed in pain. “I have to get you home.”
“No, I don’t want to move!” I grunted as I lifted her as high as I could. She flailed and squirmed in my arms, but grabbed around my neck, as I started toward the house.

Sooo. tell meh whatcha think. New twist that has been part of the last thousand words I've written in like, an hour tops. We take the protagonist who has been turned, and turn her sister :D If only it wasn't painful.... Oh well.

----In other news----
I've been learnin the guitar and writing songs. We're working on song number 3. Soon we'll add music to words. -yay-


My fingers hurt

The Guitar is an Evil Evil stringie-thingie. Tis day 2 of learnin to play and my fingers are bright red. I'm still waiting on an audition for a collab channel I made. She got 4 auditions, but obviously didn't like 1 (or more) of us, so she's waiting for a better offer.
I'm going to try to draw some one tonight. I dunno who yet. I've got a few good ideas and a few nice refs, so i should be okilie dokilie.
This weekends' been a real Snore so far..... oh well


November 13, 2008

34 Haunts Me

So ever since I decided I needed 34 subscribers for my YouTube, I have been haunted by the Number 34; Days till Dec 17th(don't ask), how many more NaNo words I need to my next hundred, and 34 is the max times I can jump rope before something stops me. IT"S A SIGN! So you jus have to subscribe to my YouTube.

Hmm. Done Pimping my YouTube Account,


November 12, 2008

The New Kid Theory

The New Kid Theory

It's common knowledge that the first person a new kid talks to becomes duct taped to them, Voala, intstant best friends. I want to test that theory.
I will need;
1 New kid in my grade;
2 patients to deal with the possiblity of them being an idiot;
3 free time to spend with said idiot;
4 tiny note pad to write notes in as I spend time with new kid (and cause I've always wanted to pretend to be watson.. teehee)

New blogs will be posted as we come into new developements

Current Phase: 1

Phase one- Get a new kid
Phase two- befriend said new kid
Phase three- become best friends with said new kid

November 11, 2008

Windows Movie Maker,

I hate you and hope you burn in hell.
Now that that's over, I wasted my whole day!! I got it off thanks to veteran(sp?)'s day. I slept, called my grandfather to wish him a happy v day, and have been trying to draw, No such luck. I'll be up intill 2 am, thursday trying to draw david tennant for my coverpage, due tommorow -ohshiiiite- yeah. that's it. I auditioned of a collab channel on youtube, I should know if I got it in the next day or so... Woo


November 10, 2008

Soreness Rules it's, umm... does soreness have a head? Oh well, I CAN JUMP ROPE!!!

I dunno, it could, for all I know, but, whuteva.
Today was pretty mundain (is that how it's spelled. I dunno. Spell check is for squares) School, stayed after (5th day in a row), home, eat, feed and hop on harry potter (ewww, that's my computer..... -gashpervishmomentsheldbraindfrommentalimages-)
I'm really sore.. but.. I CAN JUMPROPE! Yes, yes I can. Took me forever to get back into the swing of it, but I'm trying to get younger, instead of older. (I refuse to believe I will be 16 in less then Nine months).
Imma go draw now.. May even get some youtube videos out a' me :D


November 9, 2008


Yo Sleepo todayo. (I wonder if I'm passing spanish or not....I dun care)
I didn't have to go to the football game today. Or I would be marching -shudder-
Thank goodness. I have this horrible headach, the whole right side of my head is pounding. =_=


November 8, 2008

Still having Nightmares.. St00pid NObama, take away guitar hero

Seriously, I day dream and all the sudden *BAM* I'm dreaming of NObama blowing up the World, or taking woman's right to vote, or outlawing Guitar Hero. It's horrible.
So I've been drawing up a storm, no suprise there. Lot's of Lizzie, Nicholas, Isadora and Andrew; three importante characters from my NaNoWriMo story.
And I looked up Cathaterian and Cathaterianism. I dub them new ways to phrase you're Catholic. Yup Yup Yup.
And I was animating something like the chibi I did earlier, making different expressions. It's taking me forever.
And I cant get a good reference picture of Rick Astly, of 'Rick Roll'd' so that's a pain in ze arse. ugh.
And I have Don't Wait Up For Me by the Donnas stuck in my head. It was a free download the other day, so I HAD to download it. I GOTTED THE TWILIGHT sound track. Tis awesome. But, no offence to Rob Pattinson, I wouldn't buy any cd he put out himself... But atleast he's pretty....


November 7, 2008

I Go 'Ooh Ooh' You go 'Ahh Ahhh'. 'Lalalala, Alalala.'

I have untouched stuck in my head, by the Veronicas :D
I gotted the Twilight Soundrack! Paramore! Muse!.... Um, Rob Pattinson?........... not my favorite?

I'm officially a Taylor Swift Fan, damn guitar song stuck in my head. And she totally mocked Joe Jonas, teehee. (Like them too, but it's funneh)
Spazz Spazz Spazz


November 6, 2008

I don't think the Pope Likes the Big Bang Theory... Honestly? I don't eather

this blog is in 5 Parts;
1.How the Catholic deals with Science
3.Sarah Palin Fangirl-ism (and her unhappyness with NObama)
5.Vegetarianism 1 year in...12 days -huzzah-

So your favorite Cathaterian (Cause that sounds cooler then Catholic) was sitting in science, doodle a gun going BANG shooting out planets (lolz, symbolism) and I was thinking, this is Stupid. I dont want to learn about your far-fetched theories. So I cant really listen to it all, so I've decided that the Bang happened in, Seven days, and everything happened at once, that's right, the earth wasn't 10 billion years later. Yeah, I have decided that the Big Bang is Wrong. Yup.

So I am officially Un-Grounded YAY! So I'm on harry (lolz, you perve) and I missed him. :)

So NObama is now our new presisdent elect. And I'm not happy. a big thing is He's Pro Choice(to take your unborn baby you were stupid and became pregenat with out of wedlock and murder them).
I have found that I am a total Palin Fan Girl (No Homo, that's sick) I'm going to draw her and then McCain, after um, Mister 'nevergonnagiveyouup'. And I'm already planning on writing a letter to Palin (because I need for a scout thingie requirement)

I havent written, cause of grounding -damn-

and yeah, 12 days till my 'Veg-a-vesary!' (I dunno if i spelled that write). I'm gonna make green cookies or cookies with green sprinkles or frosting. -yay!-

PS(and if you call me a lesbian for my palin fan-ness, I will reach threw the interweb and hurt you)

November 3, 2008

A Positive day? No Way, No way!

yes way, damn it. I've surpassed 9 thousand words. The burn mark on my face from the blowdrier went away by the end of fourth period. Daylight savings time means I went for the bus with the sun shining. I ate a Waffle. Hu-friggin-zzahh!
yeah, i've been writing up a storm, cause I'm awesome like that. So yeah, byzzzzz


November 2, 2008

I've hit 5000 words, time to Party!

So I've surpassed Five Thousand words, I'm so Happpeh, so As a treat for whoever reads this, a song. The best part of th vid, would be from seconds like, 40 to 50. Yeah, makes this Vegetarian laugh :D


November 1, 2008

NaNo Day One

Woo, at this moment I have more then 2.5 thousand words of my 50 thousand. I'm kicking Major Arse! Woo. We had to play for band today and it was really cold, so I'm glad to be at home, writing. That's it? Yeah, I'm just so obsorbed in my writing.

Skype- doofusmaximus or AIM- thedoofusmaximus if you wanna talk. I can afford a break


October 31, 2008

Screw Halloween, it's less then 3 hours till NaNoWriMo

I threw up this morning, goodie, so I slept and was forced to eat today, and then we went to the grandparents house dresses as Pirates! (inside joke). They lost power for some unknown reason, so we went out to dinner, and I had the best Veggie Wrap Ever, then we went to her house. We set up mum's face pumpkin and mine that I carved the Slytherin crest in(his name's Salazar!) with Glowsticks and then went in and everyone had peach pie. Durring that time I was also planning my novel, naming the minions that may not even be mentioned in my novel ect ect.
So Now I'm listening to my Veronicas CD, Hook Me Up, and counting down the minutes! Ohh 160 Minutes left till NaNoWriMo!
I do need to find a way to get more caffine so I can have late night writing sessions, I only have one can of Amp at the moment(so not enough). So yeah, but band thing tommorow I can't get out of, but other then that I have the whole weekend to write and sleep. Yay!


October 30, 2008

School wasn't fun

But then again, when is it ever? And why do I only have to stay after to catch up in an elective? Why??
So yeah, I got ton's of homework and stuff to do. And I have to transfer binders, to cut down on how much I carry every day. -it'smuchtomuch-
Wow this is short. Imma go plan for a collab channel audition. :D


October 29, 2008

No School Today. Hacking Instead

yeah, I coughed a lot today. Now I'm wired
I slept a LoT too, which is good. I'll be up all night XP so I can do homework and plan my novel. I only have enough planned for 20 thousand words.
And I totally emailed Friend Numero Uno to see if they will do NaNoWriMo with me, and edit my story when it's over. I hopes they will.
Gosh, I've had this Veronicas CD for months and I still listen to it non-stop. It must be cause I like all their songs, especially the Bitter ones (this is how it feels. da da da da dadadada da dada da!) I seriously need to see them. Even if I have to fly to Australia.
And I'm saving up Caffine, SOOOO if wanna send it to me, tha'd be cool. (JK)
And my parents are totally intervening the whole, 'Sneek pencil and Paper to marching band' which sucks. 6 or 7 hours of band instead of writing. -damn!-
that'd be all.


October 28, 2008

I survived School!

So yeah, 1 day down, 3 to go. Then.... NaNoWriMo!!!
The problem is the Football team won, so we have to spend THE WHOLE DAY playing at the game. But don't fear, I've got a few tricks up my sleves.
1.Shorts with pockets for pencil and Lead
2.The Breast pocket that holds a Plum will hold a rolled up notebook
3.I can jam an eraser in mah shoe
So I've been planing like mad, and the current working title is 'Bloody Watermelon.' Trust me, its not what you think. I just cant wait to write it. I've got a majority of my characters down, and I'm working on plot charts (gosh the english teacher would be so proud... I am getting Extrra credit for it :D Imma bring in my Novel when I finish it :) )
I survived school, lots 'o' homework. I only have to stay after tommorow. For Art. Figures, my only real elective. Oh well.
Imma go do schoool schtuff and plan my storry. OHOHOH REMEMBER!! NaNoWriMo Official Site! to become part of the Awesome that will be NaNoWriMo!!!


Quick, Before School

So yeah, no sleep at all -thatwasntfun- and I have to go to school atleast untill gym. While I am gone, charging batteries for ze camera -danke God-
I've been doing lots of character sketches and plot and idea stuff for NaNoWriMo. I don't seem to have a name yet, or any idea of what the cover of my novel will be, but that's okay, I've got 4 more days of waiting -boohoo, seriously- So I shall zone off in class and scribble in my sketchbook, atleast till after gym. I feel horrid still, but I can breath threw my nose -yay-
To the Land of Torcher, errm, I mean, Learning



Yeah, that's November and I am psyched! I mean, I have a plot in my head, and I'm going like mad to get it all down. I only have like, 4 days! Yeah! Harry and I are SO ready to start this. Woo!
I just signed up and I am PUMPED! Gosh I'm such a nerd, but I don't care. Lemme tell you, I am so excited and it's only 1:51 am on October 28th. Gosh. I just read my 'welcome aboard' email. There were 3 tips for NaNoWriMo, and I think I need to tell you #3;

3) Tell everyone you know that you're writing a novel in November. This will pay big dividends in Week Two, when the only thing keeping you from quitting is the fear of looking pathetic in front of all the people who've had to hear about your novel for the past month. Seriously. Email them now about your awesome new book. The looming specter of personal humiliation is a very reliable muse.
3.5) There will be times you'll want to quit during November. This is okay. Everyone who wins NaNoWriMo wanted to quit at some point in November. Stick it out. See it through. Week Two can be hard. Week Three is much better. Week Four will make you want to yodel.
And we're talking the good kind of yodeling here.

So yeah, I'm telling you, IM GONNA WRITE AN AWESOME NOVEL! There. Now I have to or I will seem pathetic. Very Pathetic.

Oh. go to and click 'Open We Feel Fine' It's the coolest thing ever. :d

Why is no one up at 1:56 am? Hmmmm? I demand an explination!

So yeah, now, hurry, go to and sign up! This be me- We can be writing buddies!

It's 2 am and none of you lamo's are on, so Imma go scope the forums xO


October 27, 2008

Oh yeah, I'm gonna be workin on Animation

Yeah, I did that last night. Pretty Awesome, right? I thought so.


So. Tired. So. Sick.

This is REALLY pissing me off. I want to be able to breath. I want to stop having guck running from my nose, ears and eyes. All I did today was sleep, no school, which is suckish. My art teacher's gonna be pissed off. And Thank God I dont have gym on MWF or I'd have 2 to make up. I'm planning on going to school tommorow, I'll stay awake untill gym, and then go to the Nurse after Gym, err 5th period? I dunno. Figures, I don't have my thinking classes untill after Gym. (yeah, I have art-geometry-band-spanish-gym-earth sci. They dont cause me to think. Then I have english and history; those are the book larnin' clauses)
I've just wasted like, 4 days, which is extremely suckish. I never want to see my bed again. I'm thinking it should be taken to a toxic waste ,erm, place, so It doesn't infect anyone else. Ugh!
Imma go shower. I've got to scrub the marker off my arm. Did I mention I have a tendancy to draw the dark mark on my arm? Yeah. I always wondered if Draco ever got one, being a DEIT(death eater in training) Yeah... So In french I can call you short or tall. Sound like Jooo Schweee Peteet.. Yeah. Adios

Yeah, one other thing. Ever try to Cartoonify the Jonas Brothers? Yeah, well, Kevin's Hair is A Bitch. UGH! That is all


October 26, 2008

One More Thing

Go to, that's one of the places where I'm practicing
German. My username is doofusmaximus (big suprise there). Let's hope
this Email blog post works.

AITN (via Email)

No You're Not Hardcore, Unless You Live Hardcore!

Yeah, I just watched School of Rock again. Tis Awesome! Lemme tell you, that song and the one line 'Your kids touched me, and I'm sure I touched them,' Priceless.
I never Rick Rolled the dog, I need to. And I've started Playing Second Life. WTF are you supposed to do. All I could do was make my person less of a dweeb. I have no Money, and the first thing that happened was I was hit on. WTF it's like runescape all over again. Oh, let's try runescape.. Sorrry, nerd attack. Umm.
Yeah so I think I'm gonna Draw Rick, to go with my Rick Roll Obsession, but I also need to draw a nice cartoon of the Jonas Brothers, and a portrait of one of them, so I can give an example. I've offered to do art for 1st and 2nd place for Jonas Fans Unite on Deviantart's Christmas Contest. You can View your dA Page Here, and the contest info Here. I told Rebel not to post my prize untill I sent examples, so Imma send her some nice, New, Jonas Related ones :D
Lemme Tell you, I'm having Bassoon withdrawls, not playing it for what, 3 Days. Tis way to long. I almost sucked on my reed, but I don't want to get my sick Germs on it, keeping myself sick. And I cant find any old reeds. And you know I'm so hard core any mold wouldn't bother me. :D I'll prove it if you'd like :P
So I've been trying to Learn German. I can give you drei sentences, but I cant get all the umlatts so I'm not about to type any for you. I kinda wanna learn French too. I mean, I have a few RL life friends, 2 OL friends, and One RL friend who I talk to Online who all Love french. It's tempting, lemme tell you. But then Again, Italian would be good if I want to be a Music Major. Oy. Ayuda Me! (teehee, spanish). But seriously, if anyone takes any language other then English, lemme know what you think of it. :D
I have Can't Have You stuck in my head, along with Never Gonna Give You Up. Lemme Tell you, it's an odd combo.
So I watch a few blogs, and I only know 2 of the people in RL, but I finally realized why I like reading those of other people. I like People. No, I'm not dilusional, which you're saying if you know me. I like how people are, I like people watching, why should the internet be any different. I am an Observer. Now, the distain I feel toward those I know in real life, that is because they lack my wonderful personality, and have their own Rotton ones.

I Rick Roll'd a Cat...

Yup. I'm sitting here, trying to stop the flow of God knows what from my nose, and decided to Rick Roll The Cat, Abner. I think I have to Draw This Rick Dude and then Put a short clip of me Rick Rolling the cat at the end, for youtube.

I need to get Paper Towns too, I have like book withdrawl. And for some reason that reminds me I need to carve my Pumpkin, Friday Is halloween, isn't it. I got this Huge one. Do you know what it get's? Draco Malfoy, of Course. It's me we're talking about.
I'm still sick, and it's really bugging me. I've decided I'm going to get me some Dr.Who On DVD, because 11 at night on Saturday and whenever I can randomly catch it on Sci-fi isn't enough. I did get to see 'Satan's Pit' again yesterday. Lemme tell you, Ood=Cool As Hell (lolz, I made a funny)
So yeah, bored out of my mind. Imma go rick roll one of the dogs now.


October 25, 2008

Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down, Never Gonna Run Around And, Desert You

Yeah, I'm so cool I Rick Roll maself. On a Daily Basis.
Lemme say, 'YAY I GOT ANY VIDEO CONVERTER SOFTWEAR!' Sooooo. I can convert Video from mum's digital cameral to WMV which I can edit on Movie Maker. Muahaha! AND I can import (export? I dunno) Videos from Youtube! Guess who has themself a Rick Roll Test Vid :D
I got some of the old stuff I have on the main house comp to, like Gif Animator. And I got this new paint. Better then MS Paint, not as good as Photoshop, but I Like it. I can find all my fav. music videos on youtube (or google vid, it converts tho too) for when I can usar la computadora.
My nose is running. Still, and I still can't draw anything, but thats okay, I'm happy; I just Rick Roll'd Maself, again :D
I'm really bored. I swear if st00pid doesn't check 'is email soon, so I can send him fun spam, Imma call im.
This suck too, I can't play my bassoon. I miss the taste of reed. But it doesn't matter, I couldn't play if I wasn't sick, thanks to the rubberbands.
Hurry, Skype Me- doofusmaximus or IM me- thedoofusmaximus before I become so bored I'll be forced to Write Harry Potter/Jonas Brothers Cross Over Fan Fiction!! (Why harry/jb? 2 Subjects I'm fond of) I'd call it Harry and The Boys and The Charmader Of Secrets (Oh noes she didn't, 123456 Pokemon) Teehee.


I hate being sick

Yeah, I'm still sick. Ive done a lot of sleeping and attempted drawering some people, but everything is so suckish, I refuse to post any of it. I finished looking for Alaska Yesterday. It sucks that It over, so I need to get me Kathrines and Paper Towns.
And stupid person says 'I have a new email I will check more often' yet they haven't. It's no fun to send random emails to a friend if they arent read.
And I'm compliling my christmas list (Yes, I know there's like, 2 months till Christmas). It's all CD's, so it's more for me to see which ones I own and which ones I lack.
I havent talked to my cousin, cause she's sick too. I'm now having skype withdrawls. Terrible Terrible skype withdrawls.
I'll prob. Post later, when my nose stops running


October 24, 2008

10 days later, I'm sick again

Yeah, I am sick. Again. Lemme tell you, I'm pissed. I woke up barely able to move, flung myself off the bed into a heap of clothes, and took forever to get down the stairs. Advil and Benadryl please, I couldn't breath.

So I skipped school and slept. A lot. Then I woke up and was unable to breath (still) and eat, thanks to the illnes and the Rubber Bands (orthodontist says I need to wear them 24-7, including while I sleep. I cxan only take them off to play the bassoon) So I hurt, cant eat or breath and I finished Looking For Alaska so I think I may do homework that I have for monday or draw. Sleeping no longer proves possible... Maybe I'll eat tomato soup, or vegetarian vegetable soup (no lie, that's it's name)

Bring me Decongestants, Damn it!


October 23, 2008

Death Shall Conquer All... Because Love is Lame

Sorry for the negative title, I was flipping threw some random things I had written down, and I liked this best. Normally I'm all for lovie-dovie(believe it or not, i'm a romantic at heart) but right now, I'm just really annoyed of people who have people they call their boyfriend/girlfriend. Maybe I'm jealous, maybe im cynical, or it's a combo of the 2. It doesn't matter.
So I was ill this morning, so I missed 1st period, boy will the art teacha' be pissed tommorow. Oh wait, Thou shalt not give one shit.[pardon my shakesperian french] Typography-Not That hard. Geometry is a bunch of notes on quadrilaterals and parralelograms(I know that's wrong. I didn't know that till after I took all my notes. In Pen.) Band, I kicked arse. I happen to be almost as amazing as I was, like, 2 years ago, on the bassoon, this time with braces (yeah, that means Pwnage if you ask me) Yeah, I can totally play my high register -Huzzah! And then what, spanish? Boredom, except the fact that I Associated a Spanish Verb.. With A GERMAN one! Achtung! As in Achtung Fertig Los Und Lauf. [5 gold stars if you can name that song] And then retard-o tag games in gym. But Science was fun. Hangman and Tic-Tac-Toe!
And I'm to the 'After' section of Looking for Alaska and I totally flipped mah lid when that thing happeded to that person. Ugh! I dwelled on it all of history, working on meh projectamundo!
And that's it? Can't be it. But it's it?
-Nooo. There's still the orthodontist.
-Oh yeah
If I don't wear rubber bands, I will have to get Jaw Surgery. Yeah.
-So that's it?
-What else is left?
-Art you dork
-Oh yeah. I've been drawing non-stop. Realism and Cartoon,erm,ism? Birds and people. Imma do some watercolor parrot(s) more specifically Macaw(s) for my grandparents soon. I wanna get enough practice in, before I get all, 'Let's do This' on the nice paper. And I cant really do my animation in pencil -SAD- because the scanner is not working. Tis suckish. Very suckish. I may do something in paint and put it on youtube vids If I could get it going fast enough between frames. I'd be awesome.
Now is that it?
-Thank you

AITN (and Her conversing Alter Ego)
**PS, 30th blog in how many days. I be addicted,yo**

October 22, 2008

Second Blog = Nerd Time

Ner-Ner-Ner-Ner Ner-Ner Ner, Cant Out nerd This. (to the theme of hammer time)

Yeah, so, update on the Band Trip..... I SHOULD get my Alowance back, meaning I should be able to pay for the Trip adventually! Which is the best ever! I mean, I have 11 dollars made on something online. [I bet you could guess what it is..] which is good. So I'm half way to Flo-rida! I do wonder what I will be playing. I mean, I will need Bari for the Parades, but if we do any workshops or anything, will they let me play the Bassoon? I mean, Ich Leib Meine Fagott. Ist Ehrfurcht gebietend! (I love my bassoon. It's Awesome. I think, im deutsch.)
And my site layout, I'm keeping the code I have so Far and making a new Image, with things for text in the same place. I really hate the image I'm using now. It's suckish. So Imma replace it :D
And I think my drawings have become even worse. Much worse. Oh well.
Oh Back to Bassoon. I've Improved! I had a music lesson, and my constant practicing have totally paid off. My Awesome Bassooning just became more awesome! Haha!


His Body's Decomposing in my Locker

Okay, that's the best movie quote ever, from the movie Stand and Deliver. The character Angel said it. It's an old movie, in fact the mail character played along Jen lopez as Salena's father in Salena. Wow. We do watch some old movies en la clase de espanol. And Creepy guy is starting to be a tad less annoyering. We're hopeing he's done for good. Soon. Very Soon.
So we all know I'm a huge band geek, right? Well, my bassoon smells like Maple Syrup/Brown Sugar. You're Jealous. Oh! And I was smart enough to get a chair, so I can get my Bassoon out of the Locker. [It's in the top locker, and I am short. -ishsosuckish-]
I have an ortho appointment. I get to get yelled at for not wearing rubbe bands :(
Wow, Im so boring, I cant think of anything to say. Oh well.


October 21, 2008

Threadless Login- YAY!

So I FINALLY got my new threadless password. I didn't miss to much. In fact, theres some new shirts I would love, but I lack funds. They have GREAT shirts, you can find them Here! I suggest you go there and get some. And some for me too, cause I lack funds to get any myself.
So yeah I've been searchin' stuff online and just reading fan fics (which is odd, I dont usually) And I've been on threadless.
So I'm going to get my allowance back, quicker then imagined :d I just brought Harry[My laptop] Down into the kitchen and listened to music on him while I swept and cleaned. They didn't care, as long as they didn't have to do anything. -lazyparents- And I gotted to Skype mah couzin while cleaning. It's nice to talk to her so much.
So School wont be fun tommorow, because it is never fun. But Im hoping it isn't so boring I fall asleep, Like I almost did to day.
That reminds me. I refuse to have My Intellegence Insulted. You can call me ugly, insult my choice in clothing and books, but you do NOT for any reason call me stupid. Because I don't know what a hot comb is, a boy in my reading group actually told the one teacher I was retarded. I seriously was so pissed, I couldn't talk, my teeth had to stay clenched so I wouldn't yell at him. My fists were shaking, and I couldn't keep my legg still. I could have jumped across the room and smashed his face on the desk and tried to strangle him untill he turned blue. I was so pissed that the end of 7th(english, when I was insulted) and 8th period(history) I was still angry. And art club (9th prd) my pumpkin was a Mr.Angry face. So yeah, that ass better not say anything, or I will yell at him durring english tommorow.
Suddenly I am very very very very pissed.


He must be a future Creeper

The Creepy kid. Just wont leave me alone. Nothing I do works. I tell him he's a dipwad, he laughs, I say 'Rot in Hell' he tries to poke me. He's A CREEPY SENIOR! I need to hire a hitman. Yes, that's it.
So other then that, school was okie dokie. I mean, I sat out at gym -coughcough- so I got out early too :) Even my thinking classes (last 2, english and history) were easy. I'm not complaining. And for Art Club I painted a Pumpkin, Mr. Angry Face. He has green hair :d I likes 'im.
Then we had a meeting for the brownies, and only 2 showed up, a 3rd grader and a second grader, but they are sweet kids, so I cant complain. (I could but no one's listening [5 points if you can tell me the song that's from])
And then I got home, had me a Grilled Cheese and logged on.When I was on youtube, I watched JordanIsSoCoolLike's new Video, Here and smiled, being mentioned in the end. I like being mentioned, makes me feel special. I gave him an Idea for a horror novel. I would use it myself, but I suck at writing anything. XP So yeah.
And Because you don't Care- McCainPalin- Because A Baby Can't Keep You From Killing It, Because Adoptions Always an Option, Because Every life counts. (Dont ask. I was just argued with infront of a bunch of 8 year olds because I'm not Pro Choice [to kill an innocent baby because you were stoopid and got it on unprotectedly out of wedlock]
A Slightly less Apathetic


October 20, 2008

Mmmm. Candy

I Love candy Necklaces and Braceletts. So much infact that when mum was at walmart sshe bought me a pack. Even though Hannah Montanna is on the packaging, they dont taste lyk Dirt!

I've been working on my solo, for Bassoon. A FLAT (F MINOR) IS EVIL! Like seriously, how am I suuposed to go c to C# to E flat to a flat? I cant! URG! And then you have your fricken evil high notes. It's like, WTF, what Handel Trying to kill me?

And My tablet pen wanted to say, HI, he is founded! Note the Green electrical tape keeping him from falling apart. Again. But yeah, Foundededed him!
I'm off to Draw and practice the wonders the bassoon is. (That was tune to 'off to see the wizard' seriously. I sang as I typededed)

Ugh. I ish so Tired

Yeah, very tired. I blame school. Plotting creepy kid's demise takes a lot out of you. If I have time I'll post the note from spanish class. My friends thought it f00ny. I think it's just annoying. And Creepy. He's such a Dweeb, and he's a SENIOR! Eeewwwwww, I'm like, 2 years younger then him. And guess what. He has Stolen from bookstores. YOU DONT DO THAT! That's Not Cool! I bet he pirates music too. I needs to get him to leave meh alone.
Is it weird I dont let people read books out of order if I can help it? No? Yes? Good point, even if It's odd I'll still be that obsessive.
I need to grab aminal crakers, for school. The No lunch so I can take Band And Art is just starting to annoy me. But then again, I'm takig art and band so I cant complain much.
I'm still so Happy I foundeded My tablet pen -Wheeee- That's $30 I don't need to spend. But there is no way I can make $300+ by march with my docked alowance, which is just a massive ball of Suckish-ness. Ugh! I wish I knew rich people, which is such a selfish thing to say, but it's true.
I'm getting my friend to read 'Looking For Alaska' I win. And I'm loaning out lots of Steph Meyer. I'm glad that my friends are reading tho.
So I'm off to go play something


I Found

yay! My Tablet Pen! It was like 11 pm when I found it, so I just had to post this as soon as I could. Time for School.


October 19, 2008

No chance of Getting to Go

So yeah, My allowance was cut, from a bit over 11 pounds, to, um, 1/4 of that. My mum is evil, and does less then I do, so adventually I'll get my chores and allowance back. It's just a bit of a waiting game.
I've been working on a new layout for my website, and getting my blog onto it. No luck as of yet with the blog. But on the Website I only need to make 6 image maps (or 2, one of 4 and one of 2). So that is good. Then I will start translating the site. (For practice I'm translating it to Spanish and German. Ich Leib Deutsch) And then I need to get adsense on it and I'm dones! Okay, then I have to put it on all the pages and get it to look okay.... Crap!
And I think I may try to draw Harry Potter's own Dan Radcliff. I dunno yet. Oh and I found an old comic I drew about a year ago (almost exactly) so I think Imma re-draw it and show in a year how much I've improved. (Atleast I hope I've improved.) Yeah, that's it. School tommorahh. -ich-


Stonyfield Fars = <3

Right now I am eating Yogurt!!! Do you know the last time I did? (okay yesterday was the first day since forever, but you get the point) Most yougurts use Gelatin but Stonyfield Farms uses Pectin. That's imPectiable!
And I don't think I'm gonna see pudge again. Maybe he got to Alabama. I just hope he wasn't hit by a car..
Oh my, Harry and The Potters - Clickeh.They are A Band of wizardrock playing brothers. I want their CDs. Along with to many other to count. -Nerd- But more Imortantly, DRACO AND THE MALFOYS! Yes I mean, song titled 'In Which I kick Harry Potter In The Face'! They Radiate awesome.And the And The Parselmouths. OMG! fAnd The Remus Lupins, And The Hungarian Horntails, Ginny and the Heart Breakers. Oh My Gryffindor!! Harry Potter Fandom Overload.
Okay now that I am done spazzy, I think Im going to try to go draw something. I may post it if it isnt to crappy.


October 18, 2008

KFC = Vegetarian's worst Nightmare

Mum dragged me in with her, she threatened to throw the vegetarian lunchmeat of mine out the window -_- The smell made me naucious(which I can't spell). the Veggie Lunch Meat was supposed to be ham, but if I remember right, it smelled and tasted like summer sausage, which tastes okay. (hey, it's been almost a year, you can't blame me for forgetting.
And I only mowed half the grandparents lawn, so I have to mow more tommorow x_x, but it's okay, cause the hill is mowed!
And best buys doesn't have the pen I need, so i have to get it online. Which sucks. Arse. -_-
Oh well. I'm still trying to draw. And my scannar wont work so I can t start scanning my animation, which pisses me off. Damn it! So yeah, not a happy camper, but I get allowance tommorow, 11.5614 Pounds Sterling. I forgot what else I had to say..... Oh well. I will just post again if I can remember. Cause I can do that. It's my blog.



So yeah, I tooks mah PSAT today. At like 7:45 this morning x_x. I almost fell asleep. But that's okay, because, I was up late on blogtv and stuuf. I did okay on parts 1 and 3, both Inglish. Two and four, not so much. They were MATH. But that's okay. If I'mma be a music teacher, I only need to know fractions. I dun even need no book larnin'. (Okay, I'll stop being obnoxious now) So I took said test. The time inbetween was suprisingly entertaining. They wouldn't let us us mechanical pencilz tho.. I borrowed the kid next to me then. We walked threw the dark halls. I know where his locker is now, so it will take lots of restraint to not superglue it shut. XD
I guess I have to mow my grandparent's old lawn for the last time. -damnthatwretchedhill- So yeah, I'll be on later


October 17, 2008

Yelled At for Skipping In The Library?

Yeah, My english teacher yelled at me when we went to the library for books, because I was skipping. But what can I say, I was happy. I was holding my own copy of 'Looking For Alaska' and had put Notes to Nerdfighters in all the John Green Books that the school Library had. So yeah, I skipped, sue me. I do fogive her for yelling at me, because she is pretty cool. Do you know why? She Met John Green! So she has to be awesome.

Update on the Tablet? Nope, I still cant find my pen, meaning, I'm going to have to buy a new one! CRAPITY CRAPITY CRAP! So that means I need my $30 Pen for the Tablet, 70+ To renew my website and host(yes I have a site, I'll post it once I get my site a new layout) and $350 for the band trip. And did I mention the cost of a Camera? My $35 in quarters wont cover it. I seriously want said camera, so I can get Carving my pumpkin on camera, along with some other ideas of mine.

So yeah, that's it? I took my dog sweetie for a walk today. I swear she tried to push me infront of moving cars. She has it in for me. Yeah, and we have this Halti collar, for more control and she was a total bitch about it. (ahaha. Get it, bitch, and sweetie's a female dog! I thought it was funny...)

I think thats it...... Okay, byzzzzzz for nowwwwwww


October 16, 2008

-yells in anger-

UGH! Guess what!! I finally get my log in stoof and my tablet out and adsense up and running, and I LOOSE MY TABLET PEN! I am SO PIISSSEED. I mean, I need to make a new layout NOW! It's a Graphire 4 by Wacom. and the pen will cost me THIRTY DOLLARS! That's almost as much as I have in Quarters. And I can spend 30$, I need to come up with 300+ by March 8TH! Shoot! Seriously, help.
(On a happier note, if You watch '123456 pokemon' with 3d glasses, it's real nifty)

(ANGER is thy name)

123456 John Green. And Bassoons, And drawings and.... I dunno, Stuff

So I've been listening to '123456 Pokemon' by Lemon Demon, click To View, causing it to stick in mah head.
I HAVE THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!! I get to Read 'Looking For Alaska' for mah English Class! I started reading it yesterday, so when 'Independent Reading' was mentioned today, I started sputtering that I just started reading a book. I was told it had to be on the list; IT IS ON THE LIST! Along with loads of books I now want to read, and some that I already have. So yeah, I gets to read it for English Class, meaning, Easy Hundred Percent! Woo
I haven't seen Pudge(the fox) today. I'm kinda worried. I blame our hound dog for scarin him.
So music-wise, I'd say, I'm kicking ass. Band music is going really well. I'm actually practicing now! Can I get a Woot Woot? Yes, Yes I can; Woot Woot! And I just like, lost my solo for january, but I'll find it. I hope... Hey, did you know that the Bassoon and Trombone, not only read the same clef, but are in the same key? I didn't, so... YAY!!! Yeah, Band = I can't Hulahoop. I've been trying, but It's just been an 'EPIC FAIL!' so I need help. That is so sad. I've looked for youtube videos, but they don't seem to help much. Maybe it I try a bigger hoop...
Speaking of YouTube, I've been watching a lot of different people, but Three of my Very favorite are gingervlogz, Tforecast, and thecomputernerd01. They are all pretty nifty, so If you need something to watch, check 'em out. And TForecast has real nice blogtv shows too. I was there for most of their last 2. :D Brandon=Hilarious!
I've been *trying* to draw too. It's not working well for me. Except my animation project. I drew a few more frames and once I get them all drawn I will color them and then scan them. I'd need to use the main computer -eeeewwww- but it's okay. Did I mention what the animation is of? No? Good, cause I'm not plannin on it.
Project 'a' is in it's research stage, which is good. I want everything to, you know, sync. I don't want to rush it.
And you need to Skype Me, Please. I'm doofusmaximus. I'm just bored out of my mind. All the time. :P
And I have a really looooonnnng LLLLLIIISSSTTT of CD's I need to buy, of different bands I've been introduced to by people. And stuuufff. I just need the money for them. But I'd rather get a camera before I get CD's. Camera=Drawing Videos :D


October 15, 2008

Oh My G.F. Handle! It's F minor

Yeah, so School was pretty crappy, as usual.. But when I got home I saw a baby fox by our garage. I mean, it's not a baby, but it's not an adult eather. I named him Pudge, after the main character in 'Looking for Alaska' by John Green. <3>
I got myself a new solo for the bassoon, for winter solo fest. It's a level 4 and it's a bitch. Allegro in F Minor by G.F. Handel. It's a good song, but the sixteenth notes aren't the funnest thing in the world. Especially when the tempo is 104 BPM. And the notes are like, an octave higher then I have ever play.

I've been trying to draw. But I'm just creating a lot of suckish things. I mean, my shading has improved, but my resemblance has gotten even worse. ARG!

Project 'a' is going along okay. I need to google some stuff, so I can make sure I get things in the right way to sync. I just need a good tune to listen to as I work.

So yeah. I got another subscriber today. That makes 9. :D Yay! I feel so special, considering it's been weeks since I've put up a video. I just am pissing myself off with my lack of artistic skill. So I've been drawing a lot of animals and cartoon, to take a break, get my mind off portraits, so I can relax. If I get enough other drawings and paints ect. I may post a video of them. Put them on my Deviantart too. :S I can put Dr.Who Coverpages and stoof in it too...

So lend me your artistic ability, please. And buy me a dalek shirt! TeeHee. And Mango Juice!