February 1, 2009

FAWM- I can Haz written a song

Yeah, Fawm is Feb Album Writting Month, which I am participating in, so yeah, I am gonna post lyrics of the songs, and any videos I post while playing and singing it. so yeah, Song #1:

Song #1: Hate Me

[Verse 1]
I've got a bad disposition, what's a girl to do
It's not my fault everyone I meet
annoys the ever livin' piss outta me
I admit I am a hypocrite, judge books by their cover
But I'm not the only one we all judge one another.

I'm aloud to hate you if I wanna
Say what I want until my face turns blue
I wouldn't blame you if you hate me
Cause If I were you, I'd totally- hate me

[Verse 2]
Don't tell me your skin is why I hate thee
Cuase my hate may be reasonless, pointless, meaningless
But I'm not a Racist, that much is true, cause I can guarantee hate white people then you

[Chorus X2]

Tell me whatcha think,