December 13, 2008

You Had Me

So I have stuff on Writing and my kick ass writing softwear (rachel), Drawing, music, Twilight Movie and books, so let's get started.
So I've got like 2.5 thousand words so far, just email if you'd like to read it. I use which is yWriter4, and it is AWESOME and FREE!!!! yay free!
I'm trying to draw an x-mas present, not going well X( But I'll be fine. And I've been listening to lots of music, but need more band's and stuff, so let me know what you listen too, I'll listen to most stuff. :D
And i saweded the twilight movie with summer and cassie and it was better then I was expecting, but ehh.
Oh, I need another book to read :D


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"You Had Me" By Joss Stone

Brand New Key

Oh, happy song for yall :) I tried and I appreciate none of the 'Just make yourself' happy crap I've gotten. It's like, do you think I wouldn't if I could? Tis annoying.
I've hit Two Thousand words on ze new Novel. I'm not writing nearly as much as Nano, but I want to get atleast 3-5 hundred words a day in.
I got no sleep last night, but my room is almost clean. Mom stashed her camera, which Isn't good, cause I need it so I can take pics as I draw.
So = <3,>
-SSSssssssssss I'mma snake 

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V 'Brand New Key' By the Dollyrots

Take Me On The Floor

OMG! It's A SONG! Gosh, I just steal their titles. But yeah, I feel the need to update you, again. Cause I can. I've been Writing! Novel Number Two, Working Title 'Band Geeks Have Feelings Too' which I think is awesome. Below is a screen shot to show you so far, just 2 days of writing while distracted and unapplied. You can see word counts, a few charrie names and a few other things, just so you can have an Idea of how I'm doing. IF you want to read it, I can make a new blog and make you a blog author, just let me know if you'd like to (You could edit if you'd like, we'd have to talk about that tho) so email me at

So yeah, story for ya. I need to keep cleaning my room, but the circled red value was to good to ignore, don't be suprised if you see any other screencaps with similar number :D Bah-humbug 12:35AM.


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'Take Me On The Floor' By the Veronicas
(**NOTE** Yeah, I know it's pervish, especially the one almost chantish part. It's stuck in my head or I totally would have used something else.)

December 12, 2008

I'm Gone, I'm Going

Can I say I quit? Like seriously, this whole 'happy at school' isn't working. I just want to crash and sleep for days. Not that I really could. Insomnia is a bitch, but I've become the best 'fake sleeper-er in the whole United States, so I guess that's Pwnage :P
My twin and her sis are comming tommorow, hopefully that will help. And I'm drawing this weekend, I have to; Horse, Jackson Rathbone, Legolas or Aragogn(sp? LOTR King),some Barlow Girl, Hippos and an Ass (As in a donkey, what did you think?!?!), all for friends.
Ugh -mustcleanroom- Ahhh -headdesk-


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| and using the song title tho :D
V I'm gone, I'm going by Lesley Roy (just song, couldn't get the vid embeded)

December 11, 2008

Don't Gimme That

Ever feel really confused about how you feel. You hate yourself but love yourself, feel great and horrible, like people and hate them at the same time? Yeah, confusing, my head is reeling and I cannot wait until Christmas and break. It's just really, really, really, really overwhelming at the moment, and I don't know why.
I can't draw right now. I mean, I aways suck, but it's so much worse now than usual, and with presents to make, I'm pretty distraught. 
Ever like someone, and then all the sudden you're hit with the realization that they are an ass? Yeah, it hurts, but you're also relieved that no one likes you, so you don't get stuck with an ass.
Oh, I've surpassed a thousand words on my new novel, and thanks to Rachel for her Edits on UVFOEP. :D
Now to go get yelled at

V the video below, is Don't Gimme That, by aloha from hell. BTW