March 20, 2009

I'm gonna see Sweeney, Tommorow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow

will be awkward!
Yeah, I haven't seen annie in forever but suddenly it popped in my head.... BUT SWEENEY TOMORROW! I'm excited and anxious and worried. And mum & dad are BOTH dropping us off & picking us up. Which will be weird.
I've started writing a novel (again. I keep re-starting it. Calling it 'Stones & Sticks' or 'New Kind of F word' If you hear me mention those). And I have 2 new ideas I like. A lot.
NEW MAXIMUM RIDE BOOK!!!!! Title 'Max'!!!!! I got it, I read it, I loved it. All I can say, Fax. It is awesome. I <4 it.
I've been drawing, but really I feel down. It's like people will always be better than me, no matter what I do, which is why I got down in the first place. Ugh! And I really hate how the 'friends' who go "I suck, but I draw for fun" tell me I suck. They suck [your mom]. what?
I'm working on figuring out stuff for the Graphic Novel, cause I'm having issues. I'm thinkin' he's gonna be a Mute Superhero. What would you call a mute superhero? Yeah. I seriously want to know. Seriously.

I'm out!

March 17, 2009

Oh Noes! It's the 17th!

So, I'm polish, german and norwegian. Not Irish. But I wore green to avoid getting pinched. Green is my favorite color tho, so I don't mind. I'm SO EXCITED FOR SWEENEY!
And for script frenzy, I'm writing my musical about a band geek, and I've decided to write a 100 page graphic novel as well. I'm totally stealing boy's idea & not telling him. Muahaha!
I fixed the mailbox today. That was fun. And I cleaned the car. And made sloppy joes with mashed potatoes for the parents. Yay, raw meat -_- And then I made brownies for mum that I can't even eat. Joy. -_-
So yeah, I should be drawing and writing stuff. I think i've finally planed the prolouge for 'New Kind of "F" word' or 'Stones & Sticks' (I'm not sure yet for the novel title) but In my head I've been thinking about another novel idea. Which isn't good, because I need to focus on dance fighting bassoonists & blind superhero.
So I'm off.
Until we meet again. (well, we don't actually meet... so... yeah)

March 15, 2009

Happy Belated Pi Day!

I actually made Pie too, an apple & a pecan.. but I didn't have any of them, I'm cutting down on sugar. Yeah.
But We went to my grandparent's house and they don't know about boy, so when my grandmother brought up Sweeney, I did alll I could not to burst out laughing. She thinks I'm going with dad, lets keep it that way, I don't want to be told I'm to young to date. I've known boy since Kindergarden, and we were in band together for 5 years; I think it's okay.
So I'm stil writing songs, I've finished a few more guitar parts, yay! I want to wait to play the Obama one until I have more of an audience, and Writers Block wont be posted until script frenzy (but at this rate I wont be un-grounded by then either -_-) I like my song binder tho, for some reason I like flipping through it, even tho there are only a few finished songs in it (I put them in once I'm done; I re-copy them in pen W/ pencil for the chords) It makes me feel accomplished, even tho they probably aren't real good, but still. It makes meh happeh.
Oh, and I've been playing more covers. "Heavily Broken," "Cry" and "Good-bye To You" by the Veronicas, "Build Me Up, Buttercup" By the Temptations and "We Belong" by Pat Benatar. They make me happy too, which is good, for there is a chance I'm depressed (which would explain a lot xD)

So I'm off,