October 18, 2008

KFC = Vegetarian's worst Nightmare

Mum dragged me in with her, she threatened to throw the vegetarian lunchmeat of mine out the window -_- The smell made me naucious(which I can't spell). the Veggie Lunch Meat was supposed to be ham, but if I remember right, it smelled and tasted like summer sausage, which tastes okay. (hey, it's been almost a year, you can't blame me for forgetting.
And I only mowed half the grandparents lawn, so I have to mow more tommorow x_x, but it's okay, cause the hill is mowed!
And best buys doesn't have the pen I need, so i have to get it online. Which sucks. Arse. -_-
Oh well. I'm still trying to draw. And my scannar wont work so I can t start scanning my animation, which pisses me off. Damn it! So yeah, not a happy camper, but I get allowance tommorow, 11.5614 Pounds Sterling. I forgot what else I had to say..... Oh well. I will just post again if I can remember. Cause I can do that. It's my blog.



So yeah, I tooks mah PSAT today. At like 7:45 this morning x_x. I almost fell asleep. But that's okay, because, I was up late on blogtv and stuuf. I did okay on parts 1 and 3, both Inglish. Two and four, not so much. They were MATH. But that's okay. If I'mma be a music teacher, I only need to know fractions. I dun even need no book larnin'. (Okay, I'll stop being obnoxious now) So I took said test. The time inbetween was suprisingly entertaining. They wouldn't let us us mechanical pencilz tho.. I borrowed the kid next to me then. We walked threw the dark halls. I know where his locker is now, so it will take lots of restraint to not superglue it shut. XD
I guess I have to mow my grandparent's old lawn for the last time. -damnthatwretchedhill- So yeah, I'll be on later


October 17, 2008

Yelled At for Skipping In The Library?

Yeah, My english teacher yelled at me when we went to the library for books, because I was skipping. But what can I say, I was happy. I was holding my own copy of 'Looking For Alaska' and had put Notes to Nerdfighters in all the John Green Books that the school Library had. So yeah, I skipped, sue me. I do fogive her for yelling at me, because she is pretty cool. Do you know why? She Met John Green! So she has to be awesome.

Update on the Tablet? Nope, I still cant find my pen, meaning, I'm going to have to buy a new one! CRAPITY CRAPITY CRAP! So that means I need my $30 Pen for the Tablet, 70+ To renew my website and host(yes I have a site, I'll post it once I get my site a new layout) and $350 for the band trip. And did I mention the cost of a Camera? My $35 in quarters wont cover it. I seriously want said camera, so I can get Carving my pumpkin on camera, along with some other ideas of mine.

So yeah, that's it? I took my dog sweetie for a walk today. I swear she tried to push me infront of moving cars. She has it in for me. Yeah, and we have this Halti collar, for more control and she was a total bitch about it. (ahaha. Get it, bitch, and sweetie's a female dog! I thought it was funny...)

I think thats it...... Okay, byzzzzzz for nowwwwwww


October 16, 2008

-yells in anger-

UGH! Guess what!! I finally get my log in stoof and my tablet out and adsense up and running, and I LOOSE MY TABLET PEN! I am SO PIISSSEED. I mean, I need to make a new layout NOW! It's a Graphire 4 by Wacom. and the pen will cost me THIRTY DOLLARS! That's almost as much as I have in Quarters. And I can spend 30$, I need to come up with 300+ by March 8TH! Shoot! Seriously, help.
(On a happier note, if You watch '123456 pokemon' with 3d glasses, it's real nifty)

(ANGER is thy name)

123456 John Green. And Bassoons, And drawings and.... I dunno, Stuff

So I've been listening to '123456 Pokemon' by Lemon Demon, click To View, causing it to stick in mah head.
I HAVE THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!! I get to Read 'Looking For Alaska' for mah English Class! I started reading it yesterday, so when 'Independent Reading' was mentioned today, I started sputtering that I just started reading a book. I was told it had to be on the list; IT IS ON THE LIST! Along with loads of books I now want to read, and some that I already have. So yeah, I gets to read it for English Class, meaning, Easy Hundred Percent! Woo
I haven't seen Pudge(the fox) today. I'm kinda worried. I blame our hound dog for scarin him.
So music-wise, I'd say, I'm kicking ass. Band music is going really well. I'm actually practicing now! Can I get a Woot Woot? Yes, Yes I can; Woot Woot! And I just like, lost my solo for january, but I'll find it. I hope... Hey, did you know that the Bassoon and Trombone, not only read the same clef, but are in the same key? I didn't, so... YAY!!! Yeah, Band = I can't Hulahoop. I've been trying, but It's just been an 'EPIC FAIL!' so I need help. That is so sad. I've looked for youtube videos, but they don't seem to help much. Maybe it I try a bigger hoop...
Speaking of YouTube, I've been watching a lot of different people, but Three of my Very favorite are gingervlogz, Tforecast, and thecomputernerd01. They are all pretty nifty, so If you need something to watch, check 'em out. And TForecast has real nice blogtv shows too. I was there for most of their last 2. :D Brandon=Hilarious!
I've been *trying* to draw too. It's not working well for me. Except my animation project. I drew a few more frames and once I get them all drawn I will color them and then scan them. I'd need to use the main computer -eeeewwww- but it's okay. Did I mention what the animation is of? No? Good, cause I'm not plannin on it.
Project 'a' is in it's research stage, which is good. I want everything to, you know, sync. I don't want to rush it.
And you need to Skype Me, Please. I'm doofusmaximus. I'm just bored out of my mind. All the time. :P
And I have a really looooonnnng LLLLLIIISSSTTT of CD's I need to buy, of different bands I've been introduced to by people. And stuuufff. I just need the money for them. But I'd rather get a camera before I get CD's. Camera=Drawing Videos :D


October 15, 2008

Oh My G.F. Handle! It's F minor

Yeah, so School was pretty crappy, as usual.. But when I got home I saw a baby fox by our garage. I mean, it's not a baby, but it's not an adult eather. I named him Pudge, after the main character in 'Looking for Alaska' by John Green. <3>
I got myself a new solo for the bassoon, for winter solo fest. It's a level 4 and it's a bitch. Allegro in F Minor by G.F. Handel. It's a good song, but the sixteenth notes aren't the funnest thing in the world. Especially when the tempo is 104 BPM. And the notes are like, an octave higher then I have ever play.

I've been trying to draw. But I'm just creating a lot of suckish things. I mean, my shading has improved, but my resemblance has gotten even worse. ARG!

Project 'a' is going along okay. I need to google some stuff, so I can make sure I get things in the right way to sync. I just need a good tune to listen to as I work.

So yeah. I got another subscriber today. That makes 9. :D Yay! I feel so special, considering it's been weeks since I've put up a video. I just am pissing myself off with my lack of artistic skill. So I've been drawing a lot of animals and cartoon, to take a break, get my mind off portraits, so I can relax. If I get enough other drawings and paints ect. I may post a video of them. Put them on my Deviantart too. :S I can put Dr.Who Coverpages and stoof in it too...

So lend me your artistic ability, please. And buy me a dalek shirt! TeeHee. And Mango Juice!


October 14, 2008

Animation, No Illness, Drawing Oh My!

I AM OFFICIALLY NOT SICK ANYMORE! Wheeee! Lemme tell you, this kicks arse! I was sick for 3-4 weeks, but now I officially feel better! Thank God, or the mile we had to run today would have been worse. But the mile did suck. I was supposed to make it in under 12 minutes. Instead I kinda walked most of it with 2 friends of mine. We took like 14 mins, 6 sec. I hope to God that I won't have to do it again. Cause, I REFUSE!
I've been playin' instruments too. I even cracked out Johann(my Bassoon). I've just been trying some different stuff. And I can play our new band peice too. :D
I've been drawing up the wazooo too. I have an octopus I'm working on, and a toco tucan I did in pastels(The problem was, when I sealed it, to aviod smudging, I held the can so close the white, grey and light blues I used for shading disapeared -_-)
I am Working on an Animation! So far I only have a few frames done in pencil, and I need to find the scanner softwear, so I can scan all the pages, but so far, so good. I'm not telling you what it is. But I will tell you that I may color it. And It should be a nice amout of frames. :D
So I'm like totally addicted to mango juice. I get cans of the Goya stooff. I've consumed like 3 in the past 24 hours. :D The problem is that no one wants to get me any more :( So Imma go juice my mango.... If I can figure out how...
And I just watched the new House Episode. I teared up at the funeral. It was just so sad. :(
What else..... Oh, if anyone has any instruments they have and don't want, I'll take 'em. You know; Oboe, Bass Clarinet, Trombone, Tuba, Piccilio, Percussion, Bari Sax, French Horn, or any others you can think off. (Yeah, I'm kidding.... or am I) And I still need to roll my 35$ in Quarters. AND I have EIGHT Youtube Subscribers. And Atomicus500 is one of them. OMG, he Kicks Ass!!!!!!! -sorryforthefangirlishmoment- So yeah. And I'm still working on people. I hate people, they suck and are weirdly perportionededed.
I'm off to do some drawing, and hopefully not suck.


OHOHOH! And don't forget to Skype me- doofusmaximus and check my youtube- TheDoofusMaximus I'm hopeing to get a new time-laps up soon. :d

October 13, 2008

Donde Esta El Chupacabra

Yeah, I just watched monsta quest with padre, the chupacabra. They killed all the dogs, and were carrying guns. I seriously hate those peoples.
I have 35 dollars in quarters. Be Jealous. And I am working hard on Project 'a', now including Soprano sax, clarinet and flute. Woo. And I've been drawing and doodling up a storm, and I've started a new drawing, I'll post the current progress (aka the nose) later . It's pretty suckish right now...I'm getting my cousin to start a blog. I'm such a Dweeb. :D But, who cares. And I've got some nifty Elephant and bird sketchies too
bird sketches.Elephant sketches
I can play happy birfday on the clarinet, I did it for Padre, and then on flute, and then soprano sax.(cause I'm to lazy to get my alto or tenor out. Or my bassoon). I guess I did okay. I'm still a tad squeekie on the clarinet, but that's to be expected, right? I mean, I'm not a clarinetist, I'm a basson playing saxophonist who felt like playing the clarinet. :D
Mum got dad bomberman for the wii, and I got him Mario Cart, for his birthday. We're all having a kickarse time. I always play as the green bookworm dude. Cause I'm coolieo like that, yo. Yeah, that's right, I rhyme.
I have to run the mile tommorow at school, in under 12 minutes. I'm going to die, so it was nice knowing all of you. Hopefully it's on the track, so I can cheat. ;) (I'm kidding.... i think) I'm just going to try to not die. Yup.

I'm off To Draw and Work on Project 'a'. Yo


I can Play Clarinet! HAha!

So before you go, 'Woo, so can my 4th grade sister' lemme give you some info.
So first off, It's 12:20 AM EST (AKA My time zone). Less then half an hour ago I was playing the flute, which I haddn't in a long time. Using my ear for music, I can tell you that the song Titled(I think) Johanna, from Sweeney Todd, that Anthony Sings, the Chorus (I feel you, Johanna, I feel....) starts on a G, and is most likely in Eflat(I will keep writing out the song as I figure it out, I'm to lazy to do it now). So then I ran downstairs, got some Mango juice, and came back to have me digging out my clarient off my shelf, googling Clarinet Fingering Charts(shut up, you Perve. Or is it just me?) I found some nifty ones Here and just started playing. I mean, I've been playing sax for what, 6-7 years, so you'd tell me, Clarinet must be easy. It's different, even from soprano, okay. Last time I played it, I couldn't go higher then an Open G. Tonight(or this morning, whatever you wanna call it) I got all the way up the chart. This is GREAT! Okay, I can now keep writing my, well I dunno what it's called yet. So right now, we'll call it 'Project A'. This is great, lemme tell you. If only I could play brass.. Oh well, I dont need it.(much). So yeah.
Once the battries I found charge, I'll edit my last entries and add pictures.... Including this one :D I need to Show you earl (My Clarinet) and my Flute (it has not name)


October 12, 2008

Mangos Not Michaels

So I went to AC Moore, got more drawing pencils, a few charcoal pencils and a New Strathmore Sketchbook (the recycled kind, so not only did I not kill a tree, but it's GREEN! Literally. All their recycled pads are green.) Then I went To Michaels, another craft store. Their Prismacolor sale was only on 48 Set Pencils/Markers, so I would have had to spend 50 or 80 dollars! No way. So I get my Colorless Blender Pencils, and Strathmore colored paper, for pastels, and i was going to use my 50% off coupon for this Book 'Secrets to Drawing Realistic Faces' by Carrie Stuart Parks. Michaels no longer lets you use coupons for books. WTF!!!!! I am NEVER shopping there again(okay, not true, next 50% off I am getting pencils, Prismacolor, cause they wont be on sale)but still. They SUCK!!!
I did get some Peppers and Mango and Mango Juice at the market tho. I Love mango. Then I made Mashed potatoes. :D Gosh, I could live on potatoes and Mangos.
So Imma find battries so I can draw, take pictures of the stuff I bought today. Oh and I'm still tring to wash the Kool-aid out of my hair. I'm thinking it's niftier then I thought :D


I Need Pencils

Yeah, I need more pencils, my other ones are really short and spent. (you perve, not that pencil, graphite pencil. You're Sick.) So I'm dragging mum to the store. She wont go to A.C. Moore, Michaels and Jo Ann Fabrics, so I need to pick one. -_-. They are all having their Columbus Day Sales, all have stuff I need on sale, and 50% coupons in their adds, but I can only go to one. UGH!
So I tried a small chunk of hair green, and have been constantly washing it so I can get an idea of how long it will last. I think I'm up to 5 washes? I dunno. I left it in my hair for 9 hours, over last night, so I dunno. I need to make a desicion.
Ooh! Tommorow is Padre's birfday! He's gonna be a year older! (Captain Obvious has Spoken.) Mum got him Bomberman for ze Wii, and I got him Mario Cart For ze Wii. He got mum's gift today and tommorow I'll give him his, and am making him a quick german chocolate cake, or brownies, I need to see how his stomach is tommoroaw. I should make him a card too....
So that's it? Wow, I need a life (but then again, it's only 2:22 pm) I need to roll my change. I have a sheet load of it.... And I need moneh, but at this day in age, everyone older then 3 weeks thinks(says) they need money, right? Who want's to send me moneh? I'll draw you a picture? Teehee. I'mma Dork.
So I'm off to find change rolls and then to AC Moore (I think I've decided.) Skype Me too!