November 13, 2008

34 Haunts Me

So ever since I decided I needed 34 subscribers for my YouTube, I have been haunted by the Number 34; Days till Dec 17th(don't ask), how many more NaNo words I need to my next hundred, and 34 is the max times I can jump rope before something stops me. IT"S A SIGN! So you jus have to subscribe to my YouTube.

Hmm. Done Pimping my YouTube Account,


November 12, 2008

The New Kid Theory

The New Kid Theory

It's common knowledge that the first person a new kid talks to becomes duct taped to them, Voala, intstant best friends. I want to test that theory.
I will need;
1 New kid in my grade;
2 patients to deal with the possiblity of them being an idiot;
3 free time to spend with said idiot;
4 tiny note pad to write notes in as I spend time with new kid (and cause I've always wanted to pretend to be watson.. teehee)

New blogs will be posted as we come into new developements

Current Phase: 1

Phase one- Get a new kid
Phase two- befriend said new kid
Phase three- become best friends with said new kid

November 11, 2008

Windows Movie Maker,

I hate you and hope you burn in hell.
Now that that's over, I wasted my whole day!! I got it off thanks to veteran(sp?)'s day. I slept, called my grandfather to wish him a happy v day, and have been trying to draw, No such luck. I'll be up intill 2 am, thursday trying to draw david tennant for my coverpage, due tommorow -ohshiiiite- yeah. that's it. I auditioned of a collab channel on youtube, I should know if I got it in the next day or so... Woo


November 10, 2008

Soreness Rules it's, umm... does soreness have a head? Oh well, I CAN JUMP ROPE!!!

I dunno, it could, for all I know, but, whuteva.
Today was pretty mundain (is that how it's spelled. I dunno. Spell check is for squares) School, stayed after (5th day in a row), home, eat, feed and hop on harry potter (ewww, that's my computer..... -gashpervishmomentsheldbraindfrommentalimages-)
I'm really sore.. but.. I CAN JUMPROPE! Yes, yes I can. Took me forever to get back into the swing of it, but I'm trying to get younger, instead of older. (I refuse to believe I will be 16 in less then Nine months).
Imma go draw now.. May even get some youtube videos out a' me :D


November 9, 2008


Yo Sleepo todayo. (I wonder if I'm passing spanish or not....I dun care)
I didn't have to go to the football game today. Or I would be marching -shudder-
Thank goodness. I have this horrible headach, the whole right side of my head is pounding. =_=