December 20, 2008


Not to toot my own horn, but I can totally play 'Cry' on the guitar, and I've got it almost totally memorized. Yeah, just saying.
Tis day one of break and I feel like crap! It's just like me to get sick at the worse possible times, I think I always do. But then I felt better and shoveled for like 30-45 minutes. Mom then took me to the store to get Tofu and Mooli and some other stuff for Fried Tofu Balls (what I'm bringing to X-mas, so unlike last year, I'll have more than the veggie tray to eat. I swear I ate 3/4 of that sucker) Then we went to Taco Bell, I gotted me Chalupa Baja with Rice instead of beef. The wait took bloody forever though.
When I got home I started feeling horrible again. It wouldn't suprise me if I had a double ear infectin and strep throat- cause I'm an over achiever. Yup.
I've hit writers block, and I'm only on chapter four xD But I think I may have found the perfect Dynamite to blow the block up.
And I found this awesome thing, The Sketchbook Project, they send you one, you fill it up with awesome and all of the sketchbooks are taken to 6 different galleries. :D Check it out-
Yuppers, that'd be it. Oh, wait. I did tell my friend, who has a body mass of roughly 19.5, One away from being underweight, that she was an idiot for wanting to lose 20-30 pounds. She only needs to lose 10 to be underweight. Woo, and she didn't seem to care. I've told her before it's unhealthy to want to be 'Skinny' as she says. And I told her I will feel no sympathy when she developes some eating disorder. NOTE: It takes no sympathy to go and tell her counselor.
Spitefully yours,

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'Cry' Acousticly Live by the Veronicas

December 19, 2008

Everything I Ask For

My blogs seem to be getting very, I dunno Impersonal. Maybe I've lost my touch :0 I dunno, I'm just really apathetic about everything, apart from reading, writing and drawing.
It's really cold in my room, and I don't like that. I cant get the storm window to shut, so I'm screwed, really.
Break now, so let's all give a sigh of relief. -ahhh- Yeah, and my 5 week grades came :D All in the seventies -Shit- my parents consider that failing all of my classes, so in the next 4-ish weeks, they all need to be 80 or higher or I'll lose my art class, which I have to take for any art classes next year. 
Oh, I did a sketch and you want to see it... I think-  Yeah, I know, Draco Fangirl. :P
Did you know that red + a teeny tiny drop of black paint makes blood red? it's real nice to use on paintings in school, and get it on yourself. Muahaha.
Imma go write another chapter now, or start one. Yeah


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'Everything I Ask For' by the Maine.

December 18, 2008

Mein Herz ist Gift für dich

'My Heart Is Poison For You' That's a rough translation of the song title by Fraulein Wunder, roughly 'Miss Wonder' a cuartet of german females, who are the equivallent to Killerpilze (in mah eyes. Jo is SOOO sexy. I could do without the guylining tho..) but yeah, Youtube suggested the video, which is suprising, normally I'm just suggested 'How To Be Emo' and 'Vlogs' so yeah. If I ever translate this song, I'll post it for you :D
Pep Rally Tomorrow, not real excited for it -_- Okay I hate pep rallies. You would to if you played Bari Sax. So shortened periods... yay.
I'm off to go paint bananas lolz


December 17, 2008

Call It Off

So I didn't post yesterday, thank's dad -_- but, whatever. I've been WRITING! Gosh, it just feels great to finish each chapter, like I've created something great out of nothing :D Yeah, so if you want to read that, I need your Email so I can make you a blog author, and you can read every chapter as I post it.
The band went to play at the mall today, but we only got 45 mins, so I didn't get to run to Barns & Noble or FYE (which is suckish) but, whatever. Art, I got covered in red paint, and everyone was like 'What'd you do to your hand?' (it was all a crimson red) so I just told them 'I punched a bear in the face, It was trying to take me Amp.' (Amp's a caffinated energy drink I seem to have in my locker at all times.)
Yeah, so I have to finish presents for my edior monkies for x-mas, and I'm just about done with my next chapter -yay!-


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'Call It Off' by Tegan & Sara 

December 15, 2008


So I posted Chapter Two of my new novel yay, I'm being productive! And as soon as birday stealer gets me her edited copy of my NaNo Novel I can work on draft Numero dos :D I like writing.
School is pretty icky, I dun like it. I feel really bad tho, there's this one kid I was laughing at on the way to the bus.... So I think I will apologize tomorrow, gosh -so embarrasing- but, whatever, it's the right thing to do.
I was grounded for about 5 hours today, I think padre is Bipolar, but I'm okay as long as I keep getting Harry back. 
And YouTube think's Im a dork and need to change. all my Recomended videos are 'How to Be Emo/Scene' I'm sorry but I'm not the kind of kid who could do that... Plus, I'd get beaten up. LOLZ.
Do you know what's fun? teaching mah friend German durring Spanish class :D Only the important stuff like 'I hate you' (gosh I'm negative... Oh wait, I dun care!)
Yeah. I think that's it for now... Okay, Gute Nacht!


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'Insomnia' by the Veronicas, just the one pic and the AWESOME song

December 14, 2008

Fear Of Tomorow

Hehe, I love when song titles make sense with what's going on. :D But yeah, school tomorow X_X but I'll live... hopefully.
Summer & Cass left, then Mum and Padrass and I went to zee mall. I got the stuff for me editor monkies, I just need 1 more thing to pull it all together.. I dunno. And I can go Merry Christmas you smell(but are not a whore lolz).
I've got to draw my x-mas cards. And I didn't have time to finish chapter 2 of 'Band Geeks Have feelings Too' which saddens me greatly. :(
I have to stay after to swim tomorow -notfun- so I gots to go wash my suit...
Better Update Tomorow


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'Fear of Tomorow' by Aloha From Hell, sorry it's a slide show, you cant get the vid. embedded.