November 8, 2008

Still having Nightmares.. St00pid NObama, take away guitar hero

Seriously, I day dream and all the sudden *BAM* I'm dreaming of NObama blowing up the World, or taking woman's right to vote, or outlawing Guitar Hero. It's horrible.
So I've been drawing up a storm, no suprise there. Lot's of Lizzie, Nicholas, Isadora and Andrew; three importante characters from my NaNoWriMo story.
And I looked up Cathaterian and Cathaterianism. I dub them new ways to phrase you're Catholic. Yup Yup Yup.
And I was animating something like the chibi I did earlier, making different expressions. It's taking me forever.
And I cant get a good reference picture of Rick Astly, of 'Rick Roll'd' so that's a pain in ze arse. ugh.
And I have Don't Wait Up For Me by the Donnas stuck in my head. It was a free download the other day, so I HAD to download it. I GOTTED THE TWILIGHT sound track. Tis awesome. But, no offence to Rob Pattinson, I wouldn't buy any cd he put out himself... But atleast he's pretty....


November 7, 2008

I Go 'Ooh Ooh' You go 'Ahh Ahhh'. 'Lalalala, Alalala.'

I have untouched stuck in my head, by the Veronicas :D
I gotted the Twilight Soundrack! Paramore! Muse!.... Um, Rob Pattinson?........... not my favorite?

I'm officially a Taylor Swift Fan, damn guitar song stuck in my head. And she totally mocked Joe Jonas, teehee. (Like them too, but it's funneh)
Spazz Spazz Spazz


November 6, 2008

I don't think the Pope Likes the Big Bang Theory... Honestly? I don't eather

this blog is in 5 Parts;
1.How the Catholic deals with Science
3.Sarah Palin Fangirl-ism (and her unhappyness with NObama)
5.Vegetarianism 1 year in...12 days -huzzah-

So your favorite Cathaterian (Cause that sounds cooler then Catholic) was sitting in science, doodle a gun going BANG shooting out planets (lolz, symbolism) and I was thinking, this is Stupid. I dont want to learn about your far-fetched theories. So I cant really listen to it all, so I've decided that the Bang happened in, Seven days, and everything happened at once, that's right, the earth wasn't 10 billion years later. Yeah, I have decided that the Big Bang is Wrong. Yup.

So I am officially Un-Grounded YAY! So I'm on harry (lolz, you perve) and I missed him. :)

So NObama is now our new presisdent elect. And I'm not happy. a big thing is He's Pro Choice(to take your unborn baby you were stupid and became pregenat with out of wedlock and murder them).
I have found that I am a total Palin Fan Girl (No Homo, that's sick) I'm going to draw her and then McCain, after um, Mister 'nevergonnagiveyouup'. And I'm already planning on writing a letter to Palin (because I need for a scout thingie requirement)

I havent written, cause of grounding -damn-

and yeah, 12 days till my 'Veg-a-vesary!' (I dunno if i spelled that write). I'm gonna make green cookies or cookies with green sprinkles or frosting. -yay!-

PS(and if you call me a lesbian for my palin fan-ness, I will reach threw the interweb and hurt you)

November 3, 2008

A Positive day? No Way, No way!

yes way, damn it. I've surpassed 9 thousand words. The burn mark on my face from the blowdrier went away by the end of fourth period. Daylight savings time means I went for the bus with the sun shining. I ate a Waffle. Hu-friggin-zzahh!
yeah, i've been writing up a storm, cause I'm awesome like that. So yeah, byzzzzz


November 2, 2008

I've hit 5000 words, time to Party!

So I've surpassed Five Thousand words, I'm so Happpeh, so As a treat for whoever reads this, a song. The best part of th vid, would be from seconds like, 40 to 50. Yeah, makes this Vegetarian laugh :D