October 25, 2008

Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down, Never Gonna Run Around And, Desert You

Yeah, I'm so cool I Rick Roll maself. On a Daily Basis.
Lemme say, 'YAY I GOT ANY VIDEO CONVERTER SOFTWEAR!' Sooooo. I can convert Video from mum's digital cameral to WMV which I can edit on Movie Maker. Muahaha! AND I can import (export? I dunno) Videos from Youtube! Guess who has themself a Rick Roll Test Vid :D
I got some of the old stuff I have on the main house comp to, like Gif Animator. And I got this new paint. Better then MS Paint, not as good as Photoshop, but I Like it. I can find all my fav. music videos on youtube (or google vid, it converts tho too) for when I can usar la computadora.
My nose is running. Still, and I still can't draw anything, but thats okay, I'm happy; I just Rick Roll'd Maself, again :D
I'm really bored. I swear if st00pid doesn't check 'is email soon, so I can send him fun spam, Imma call im.
This suck too, I can't play my bassoon. I miss the taste of reed. But it doesn't matter, I couldn't play if I wasn't sick, thanks to the rubberbands.
Hurry, Skype Me- doofusmaximus or IM me- thedoofusmaximus before I become so bored I'll be forced to Write Harry Potter/Jonas Brothers Cross Over Fan Fiction!! (Why harry/jb? 2 Subjects I'm fond of) I'd call it Harry and The Boys and The Charmader Of Secrets (Oh noes she didn't, 123456 Pokemon) Teehee.


I hate being sick

Yeah, I'm still sick. Ive done a lot of sleeping and attempted drawering some people, but everything is so suckish, I refuse to post any of it. I finished looking for Alaska Yesterday. It sucks that It over, so I need to get me Kathrines and Paper Towns.
And stupid person says 'I have a new email I will check more often' yet they haven't. It's no fun to send random emails to a friend if they arent read.
And I'm compliling my christmas list (Yes, I know there's like, 2 months till Christmas). It's all CD's, so it's more for me to see which ones I own and which ones I lack.
I havent talked to my cousin, cause she's sick too. I'm now having skype withdrawls. Terrible Terrible skype withdrawls.
I'll prob. Post later, when my nose stops running


October 24, 2008

10 days later, I'm sick again

Yeah, I am sick. Again. Lemme tell you, I'm pissed. I woke up barely able to move, flung myself off the bed into a heap of clothes, and took forever to get down the stairs. Advil and Benadryl please, I couldn't breath.

So I skipped school and slept. A lot. Then I woke up and was unable to breath (still) and eat, thanks to the illnes and the Rubber Bands (orthodontist says I need to wear them 24-7, including while I sleep. I cxan only take them off to play the bassoon) So I hurt, cant eat or breath and I finished Looking For Alaska so I think I may do homework that I have for monday or draw. Sleeping no longer proves possible... Maybe I'll eat tomato soup, or vegetarian vegetable soup (no lie, that's it's name)

Bring me Decongestants, Damn it!


October 23, 2008

Death Shall Conquer All... Because Love is Lame

Sorry for the negative title, I was flipping threw some random things I had written down, and I liked this best. Normally I'm all for lovie-dovie(believe it or not, i'm a romantic at heart) but right now, I'm just really annoyed of people who have people they call their boyfriend/girlfriend. Maybe I'm jealous, maybe im cynical, or it's a combo of the 2. It doesn't matter.
So I was ill this morning, so I missed 1st period, boy will the art teacha' be pissed tommorow. Oh wait, Thou shalt not give one shit.[pardon my shakesperian french] Typography-Not That hard. Geometry is a bunch of notes on quadrilaterals and parralelograms(I know that's wrong. I didn't know that till after I took all my notes. In Pen.) Band, I kicked arse. I happen to be almost as amazing as I was, like, 2 years ago, on the bassoon, this time with braces (yeah, that means Pwnage if you ask me) Yeah, I can totally play my high register -Huzzah! And then what, spanish? Boredom, except the fact that I Associated a Spanish Verb.. With A GERMAN one! Achtung! As in Achtung Fertig Los Und Lauf. [5 gold stars if you can name that song] And then retard-o tag games in gym. But Science was fun. Hangman and Tic-Tac-Toe!
And I'm to the 'After' section of Looking for Alaska and I totally flipped mah lid when that thing happeded to that person. Ugh! I dwelled on it all of history, working on meh projectamundo!
And that's it? Can't be it. But it's it?
-Nooo. There's still the orthodontist.
-Oh yeah
If I don't wear rubber bands, I will have to get Jaw Surgery. Yeah.
-So that's it?
-What else is left?
-Art you dork
-Oh yeah. I've been drawing non-stop. Realism and Cartoon,erm,ism? Birds and people. Imma do some watercolor parrot(s) more specifically Macaw(s) for my grandparents soon. I wanna get enough practice in, before I get all, 'Let's do This' on the nice paper. And I cant really do my animation in pencil -SAD- because the scanner is not working. Tis suckish. Very suckish. I may do something in paint and put it on youtube vids If I could get it going fast enough between frames. I'd be awesome.
Now is that it?
-Thank you

AITN (and Her conversing Alter Ego)
**PS, 30th blog in how many days. I be addicted,yo**

October 22, 2008

Second Blog = Nerd Time

Ner-Ner-Ner-Ner Ner-Ner Ner, Cant Out nerd This. (to the theme of hammer time)

Yeah, so, update on the Band Trip..... I SHOULD get my Alowance back, meaning I should be able to pay for the Trip adventually! Which is the best ever! I mean, I have 11 dollars made on something online. [I bet you could guess what it is..] which is good. So I'm half way to Flo-rida! I do wonder what I will be playing. I mean, I will need Bari for the Parades, but if we do any workshops or anything, will they let me play the Bassoon? I mean, Ich Leib Meine Fagott. Ist Ehrfurcht gebietend! (I love my bassoon. It's Awesome. I think, im deutsch.)
And my site layout, I'm keeping the code I have so Far and making a new Image, with things for text in the same place. I really hate the image I'm using now. It's suckish. So Imma replace it :D
And I think my drawings have become even worse. Much worse. Oh well.
Oh Back to Bassoon. I've Improved! I had a music lesson, and my constant practicing have totally paid off. My Awesome Bassooning just became more awesome! Haha!


His Body's Decomposing in my Locker

Okay, that's the best movie quote ever, from the movie Stand and Deliver. The character Angel said it. It's an old movie, in fact the mail character played along Jen lopez as Salena's father in Salena. Wow. We do watch some old movies en la clase de espanol. And Creepy guy is starting to be a tad less annoyering. We're hopeing he's done for good. Soon. Very Soon.
So we all know I'm a huge band geek, right? Well, my bassoon smells like Maple Syrup/Brown Sugar. You're Jealous. Oh! And I was smart enough to get a chair, so I can get my Bassoon out of the Locker. [It's in the top locker, and I am short. -ishsosuckish-]
I have an ortho appointment. I get to get yelled at for not wearing rubbe bands :(
Wow, Im so boring, I cant think of anything to say. Oh well.


October 21, 2008

Threadless Login- YAY!

So I FINALLY got my new threadless password. I didn't miss to much. In fact, theres some new shirts I would love, but I lack funds. They have GREAT shirts, you can find them Here! I suggest you go there and get some. And some for me too, cause I lack funds to get any myself.
So yeah I've been searchin' stuff online and just reading fan fics (which is odd, I dont usually) And I've been on threadless.
So I'm going to get my allowance back, quicker then imagined :d I just brought Harry[My laptop] Down into the kitchen and listened to music on him while I swept and cleaned. They didn't care, as long as they didn't have to do anything. -lazyparents- And I gotted to Skype mah couzin while cleaning. It's nice to talk to her so much.
So School wont be fun tommorow, because it is never fun. But Im hoping it isn't so boring I fall asleep, Like I almost did to day.
That reminds me. I refuse to have My Intellegence Insulted. You can call me ugly, insult my choice in clothing and books, but you do NOT for any reason call me stupid. Because I don't know what a hot comb is, a boy in my reading group actually told the one teacher I was retarded. I seriously was so pissed, I couldn't talk, my teeth had to stay clenched so I wouldn't yell at him. My fists were shaking, and I couldn't keep my legg still. I could have jumped across the room and smashed his face on the desk and tried to strangle him untill he turned blue. I was so pissed that the end of 7th(english, when I was insulted) and 8th period(history) I was still angry. And art club (9th prd) my pumpkin was a Mr.Angry face. So yeah, that ass better not say anything, or I will yell at him durring english tommorow.
Suddenly I am very very very very pissed.


He must be a future Creeper

The Creepy kid. Just wont leave me alone. Nothing I do works. I tell him he's a dipwad, he laughs, I say 'Rot in Hell' he tries to poke me. He's A CREEPY SENIOR! I need to hire a hitman. Yes, that's it.
So other then that, school was okie dokie. I mean, I sat out at gym -coughcough- so I got out early too :) Even my thinking classes (last 2, english and history) were easy. I'm not complaining. And for Art Club I painted a Pumpkin, Mr. Angry Face. He has green hair :d I likes 'im.
Then we had a meeting for the brownies, and only 2 showed up, a 3rd grader and a second grader, but they are sweet kids, so I cant complain. (I could but no one's listening [5 points if you can tell me the song that's from])
And then I got home, had me a Grilled Cheese and logged on.When I was on youtube, I watched JordanIsSoCoolLike's new Video, Here and smiled, being mentioned in the end. I like being mentioned, makes me feel special. I gave him an Idea for a horror novel. I would use it myself, but I suck at writing anything. XP So yeah.
And Because you don't Care- McCainPalin- Because A Baby Can't Keep You From Killing It, Because Adoptions Always an Option, Because Every life counts. (Dont ask. I was just argued with infront of a bunch of 8 year olds because I'm not Pro Choice [to kill an innocent baby because you were stoopid and got it on unprotectedly out of wedlock]
A Slightly less Apathetic


October 20, 2008

Mmmm. Candy

I Love candy Necklaces and Braceletts. So much infact that when mum was at walmart sshe bought me a pack. Even though Hannah Montanna is on the packaging, they dont taste lyk Dirt!

I've been working on my solo, for Bassoon. A FLAT (F MINOR) IS EVIL! Like seriously, how am I suuposed to go c to C# to E flat to a flat? I cant! URG! And then you have your fricken evil high notes. It's like, WTF, what Handel Trying to kill me?

And My tablet pen wanted to say, HI, he is founded! Note the Green electrical tape keeping him from falling apart. Again. But yeah, Foundededed him!
I'm off to Draw and practice the wonders the bassoon is. (That was tune to 'off to see the wizard' seriously. I sang as I typededed)

Ugh. I ish so Tired

Yeah, very tired. I blame school. Plotting creepy kid's demise takes a lot out of you. If I have time I'll post the note from spanish class. My friends thought it f00ny. I think it's just annoying. And Creepy. He's such a Dweeb, and he's a SENIOR! Eeewwwwww, I'm like, 2 years younger then him. And guess what. He has Stolen from bookstores. YOU DONT DO THAT! That's Not Cool! I bet he pirates music too. I needs to get him to leave meh alone.
Is it weird I dont let people read books out of order if I can help it? No? Yes? Good point, even if It's odd I'll still be that obsessive.
I need to grab aminal crakers, for school. The No lunch so I can take Band And Art is just starting to annoy me. But then again, I'm takig art and band so I cant complain much.
I'm still so Happy I foundeded My tablet pen -Wheeee- That's $30 I don't need to spend. But there is no way I can make $300+ by march with my docked alowance, which is just a massive ball of Suckish-ness. Ugh! I wish I knew rich people, which is such a selfish thing to say, but it's true.
I'm getting my friend to read 'Looking For Alaska' I win. And I'm loaning out lots of Steph Meyer. I'm glad that my friends are reading tho.
So I'm off to go play something


I Found

yay! My Tablet Pen! It was like 11 pm when I found it, so I just had to post this as soon as I could. Time for School.


October 19, 2008

No chance of Getting to Go

So yeah, My allowance was cut, from a bit over 11 pounds, to, um, 1/4 of that. My mum is evil, and does less then I do, so adventually I'll get my chores and allowance back. It's just a bit of a waiting game.
I've been working on a new layout for my website, and getting my blog onto it. No luck as of yet with the blog. But on the Website I only need to make 6 image maps (or 2, one of 4 and one of 2). So that is good. Then I will start translating the site. (For practice I'm translating it to Spanish and German. Ich Leib Deutsch) And then I need to get adsense on it and I'm dones! Okay, then I have to put it on all the pages and get it to look okay.... Crap!
And I think I may try to draw Harry Potter's own Dan Radcliff. I dunno yet. Oh and I found an old comic I drew about a year ago (almost exactly) so I think Imma re-draw it and show in a year how much I've improved. (Atleast I hope I've improved.) Yeah, that's it. School tommorahh. -ich-


Stonyfield Fars = <3

Right now I am eating Yogurt!!! Do you know the last time I did? (okay yesterday was the first day since forever, but you get the point) Most yougurts use Gelatin but Stonyfield Farms uses Pectin. That's imPectiable!
And I don't think I'm gonna see pudge again. Maybe he got to Alabama. I just hope he wasn't hit by a car..
Oh my, Harry and The Potters - Clickeh.They are A Band of wizardrock playing brothers. I want their CDs. Along with to many other to count. -Nerd- But more Imortantly, DRACO AND THE MALFOYS! Yes I mean, song titled 'In Which I kick Harry Potter In The Face'! They Radiate awesome.And the And The Parselmouths. OMG! fAnd The Remus Lupins, And The Hungarian Horntails, Ginny and the Heart Breakers. Oh My Gryffindor!! Harry Potter Fandom Overload.
Okay now that I am done spazzy, I think Im going to try to go draw something. I may post it if it isnt to crappy.