September 10, 2009

1 Day down, 179 To go

Imma Junior. Today kicked ass. Except for person who brought a lot of pain to my life, they be back now. In two of my classes. And I can not focus with them around.
But, I will try to think of better things, like the friends in my classes, and writing and drawing. So yeah, Imma go try to get my mind of them



September 9, 2009

It's the Final Count Down!

Dedodedo. Dedodededoo. Dedodedo. dedodededo!

My summer is comming to a close! Tomorrow is my first day as a junior *Squeel!* I'm happy & sad at the same time. Happy because I will be spending less time by myself, Sad because my crush, who I am TRYING to get over *could* be in one of my classes. I'm hopeing he wont be.

Guess how much money I have. Two Dollars. That is not good. My band is going to Florida in decemember. I have no money for ze theme parks -_- If you want to commision me (Small fee & I draw you somethin') I'll draw you pretty much anything [within reason] for 2 or 3 dollars [plus shipping if you want the original, so maybe another dollar] Yeah. I'm desperate.

OHOHOH! Tag you're it, no tag backs


September 8, 2009

I like to write and draw.

But you knew that. But, did you know that in my last 2 days of freedom (today & tomorrow) that's all I'm doing. Yeah. Not only am I really Cranking on my 500 Theme Drawing Challenge, but I'm working on brainstorming for a Story Collaberation with an interweb buddy of mine.
The 500 theme drawing challenge is simple. You pick a topic (I picked Harry Potter) and then draw 500 drawings, all Harry potter based, each all on the different 500 themes. I've posted 13 finished ones, and have 16 more, all started or finished tht I Need to post. You can see the list

Also, me and mah friend Mo, we're gonna write together. It's all apocolyps-ey and fun. We're just about to start writing. Yay!

BUT IF YOU WANT TO WRITE WITH ME (like you write a chapter, then me, then you, then me) TOTALLY LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!! WOOT! -spazz-

I'm Offfffff :3

September 7, 2009

Hey Hey You You, I don't want school to start

But it does, on Thursday. I'm glad at the same time though, the only class I'm not sure I have friends in is math. So, it will be okay.
I finished my new blog, if you want to read it, you can Email me at and I will send you a link, or Comment with your Email. I just want them separate. I know I'm goofy, but It is good to be serious. For once.
I've been drawing up a storm today, it's good. I've finished 4 more of the 500 drawings I'm doing based on harry potter, and have 8 more in the works. Productivity feels good, but I don't know how long it will last.
Well, I'm off to RP and Post On Deviantart.


September 6, 2009

I get Grounded a Lot

And it's a pain in the, Pardon my French, Ass.
The only good thing about it is that I've been able to draw more. For example, I just finished 4 more drawings, of the 500 I'm doing. All, well, most, Harry Potter Themed.
So setting up my new 'serious' blog is taking much longer then expected. And school starts Thursday. Ugh.
So yeah, Next update will be longer, I promise. :3