November 30, 2008

42,500 words down, 7,500 to go!

I just totally finished the fight (unlike breaking dawn the most anti-climactic book ever) and it was a total blood bath -lolzz- I find it funny that this vegghead writes the most gruesom scenes ever. So I just killed my Main character's parents and the rest will be pretty breaking dawn-ish. You know, big build up but then lame 'violence free' fight.



atthecross (Rachel) said...

wow, u write freaking FAST!!! go, nano, go!! you can do it! (im trying to be encouraging, but i think im only succeeding in weird...)

Neon Duck said...

Hi. I'm Neon Duck. Charmed. I'm a team member of Guide to Nerdocity. Breaking Dawn was mildly pathetic. Not going to lie.

atthecross (Rachel) said...

did u finish??? im dying to know!!!