November 11, 2008

Windows Movie Maker,

I hate you and hope you burn in hell.
Now that that's over, I wasted my whole day!! I got it off thanks to veteran(sp?)'s day. I slept, called my grandfather to wish him a happy v day, and have been trying to draw, No such luck. I'll be up intill 2 am, thursday trying to draw david tennant for my coverpage, due tommorow -ohshiiiite- yeah. that's it. I auditioned of a collab channel on youtube, I should know if I got it in the next day or so... Woo



B2the3 said...

Good luck with your pic!

bookwrm93 said...

you get veteran's day off!
i wish we got veteran's day off
and good luck with drawing David Tennant!

atthecross (Rachel) said...

david tennant... *drool*