November 6, 2008

I don't think the Pope Likes the Big Bang Theory... Honestly? I don't eather

this blog is in 5 Parts;
1.How the Catholic deals with Science
3.Sarah Palin Fangirl-ism (and her unhappyness with NObama)
5.Vegetarianism 1 year in...12 days -huzzah-

So your favorite Cathaterian (Cause that sounds cooler then Catholic) was sitting in science, doodle a gun going BANG shooting out planets (lolz, symbolism) and I was thinking, this is Stupid. I dont want to learn about your far-fetched theories. So I cant really listen to it all, so I've decided that the Bang happened in, Seven days, and everything happened at once, that's right, the earth wasn't 10 billion years later. Yeah, I have decided that the Big Bang is Wrong. Yup.

So I am officially Un-Grounded YAY! So I'm on harry (lolz, you perve) and I missed him. :)

So NObama is now our new presisdent elect. And I'm not happy. a big thing is He's Pro Choice(to take your unborn baby you were stupid and became pregenat with out of wedlock and murder them).
I have found that I am a total Palin Fan Girl (No Homo, that's sick) I'm going to draw her and then McCain, after um, Mister 'nevergonnagiveyouup'. And I'm already planning on writing a letter to Palin (because I need for a scout thingie requirement)

I havent written, cause of grounding -damn-

and yeah, 12 days till my 'Veg-a-vesary!' (I dunno if i spelled that write). I'm gonna make green cookies or cookies with green sprinkles or frosting. -yay!-

PS(and if you call me a lesbian for my palin fan-ness, I will reach threw the interweb and hurt you)


The Real Katie said...


atthecross (Rachel) said...

ha! i love when i find conservative peeps... well, i love Palin too (and i would have loved to see her as VP, sooo sad); i dont particularly like Obama either though im trying to respect the office, cuz as much as i disagree with him on just about everything (ESPECIALLY abortion), i dont think God would be too pleased with me if i hated him; i agree with your theory on the big band and im seriously laughing my head off at the BANG! gun. :) sometimes its just creepy to find someone who's SOOO similar to u that you've never even met. :)