November 8, 2008

Still having Nightmares.. St00pid NObama, take away guitar hero

Seriously, I day dream and all the sudden *BAM* I'm dreaming of NObama blowing up the World, or taking woman's right to vote, or outlawing Guitar Hero. It's horrible.
So I've been drawing up a storm, no suprise there. Lot's of Lizzie, Nicholas, Isadora and Andrew; three importante characters from my NaNoWriMo story.
And I looked up Cathaterian and Cathaterianism. I dub them new ways to phrase you're Catholic. Yup Yup Yup.
And I was animating something like the chibi I did earlier, making different expressions. It's taking me forever.
And I cant get a good reference picture of Rick Astly, of 'Rick Roll'd' so that's a pain in ze arse. ugh.
And I have Don't Wait Up For Me by the Donnas stuck in my head. It was a free download the other day, so I HAD to download it. I GOTTED THE TWILIGHT sound track. Tis awesome. But, no offence to Rob Pattinson, I wouldn't buy any cd he put out himself... But atleast he's pretty....


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The Real Katie said...

hahahahahahaha. you're soo funny!