November 27, 2008

Thirty Thousand!

Oh my! Two Bari Saxophones in the last Marching Band I saw, just like Skippeh and I! Woo! And the NYPD Had a Bari in their Marching Band too. Bari FTW!
And have you seen the Commercial Cobin Bleu did for the new Guitar Hero for Nintendo DS. Less creepy then the one for rockband, he can dance, but still odd.

-----10 ish mins later------
So The marching band from James Madison University in Virgina just played, and they were amazing. My lesson teacher for bassoon went there, and I am totally sold on going there now. AMAZING THEY WERE!!

------10 more minutes-------------
Yay! I've passed thirty by a hundred and nineteen. yay! Oh my, I'm such a spazz.


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