November 23, 2008

Continuation of Previous Excerpt, Oh Goodie!


I looked up to see a very angry looking red head, her jade eyes on fire. And her hood covered most of her face. The red hair sticking out of her hood looked almost like a mane of fire. “Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth. You’re so predictable. That’s going to get you killed one of these days.” She leaned down face to face and I caught her pungent scent, wrinkling my nose. “I hate you, you know. It’s very personal, and makes me want to kill you, and I would,” she said, stepping on my hand before I could get up and then kicked my in the side. “But I can’t kill you, because Azra needs you. She needs anyone she can get, really. Even your stupid ass would help the cause.”
“Who are you?” I asked, glaring at her and holding my side.
“Me? Oh, I’m Morgan, Steven’s sister.”
“Yeah, he and I were turned by Emily, at the Christmas party a few years ago. Don’t ask for how it happened, we were so zonked on eggnog, I cant remember half of it. But that doesn’t matter. All that matters now is that you and that stupid Nicholas are brought to your doom and that Azra takes over, well, Everything.” She smiled at me, looking even more menacing then before. “The two of you have ruined way to many things. First you kill Steven before he gets a chance to turn you all the way. Then you kill Emily, my creator, gosh I miss Emily, I loved her so much,” she said with a sigh. Nick had warned me about extreme attachment between vampires and those who changed them, while Annabella was in the process of turning. I found the whole thing quite odd. She kicked me again in the stomach, and her gloved hands came down to tie my arms behind my back, tightly. She then yanked me up to my feet and pushed my toward the street. A large black hearse stopped at the corner and 3 pale looking Halflings flew out of the vehicle, shoved a paper bag over my head, and shoved me in it, banging my head on the doorway.
“So this is her?” I heard one of the Halflings ask Morgan. “She’s the slime who got Steve and Emily killed?”
“Yes,” Morgan said, loudly. “Feel free to rough her up a bit.” Her voice cracked has she let out an awful hackle. I felt the vehicle turn a corner quickly, slamming me into the door and making me groan. This made the Halflings join in laughing. The driver kept taking sharp corners, which threw me all over, since I was tied up to keep me from escaping.
I cant tell you how long we were in that car, but I can tell you we took 10 sharp turns and stopped hard 7 times, the last time being the worse, I landed on the floor. I was yanked out of the car and thrown on the ground. They dragged me over a parking lot and grass and then my feet caught a doorstop, causing everyone to stumble upon me as I felt back to the ground.
“Up, you stupid Halfling,” said a low voice before I was kicked in the behind. I struggled to me feet and was shoved down the hallway, our steps echoing loudly. Their smells we beginning to reach my nose, and even though the bag blocked most of it, the faint smells were horrible and made me gag. The hall was drafty, but was getting warmer and warmer as we walked, until we took a sharp turn and I tripped over another door frame.
I was picked up, thrown against a wall, and then cold metal bands clicked shut around my wrists and ankles. The bag was removed from my head and every teenager’s nightmare came true; the high school I attended every fall was being used as an evil lair for vampires and their Halflings. There were dead bodies along the walls, and a pair of humans tied together in a corner, whispering to each other, as if the vampires couldn’t hear them. Lunch tables were randomly put out and the cafeteria we were in had vampires mulling around each of the tables.
Then, out of the largest group, one of the vampires broke off from the group and approached me. She was very petit, her skin a pale ivory, and her golden hair went well with her harsh emerald eyes. Her mouth was curved into an upside down half moon and open just enough to see her teeth.
“Annabella,” she said in a harsh tone. “I wondered when I would finally meet you, and I’m glad it’s sooner then later.” She looked me up and down, sized me up, and cocked her head to the side. Placing her elbow in her hand and the other hand on her face she spoke again. “You know, you’re luck to have turned. You will essentially live forever, and isn’t that what everyone wants, Immortality? You should be thanking me.”
“And why is that?” I asked harshly as I glared at her.
“Because I started it all,” she said, throwing her hands in a large, circular gesture. If it were not for me, Michel never would have turned Steven, meaning you would still be a puny little mortal.”
“Azra,” I said to my self, practically whispering.
“That’s Right! I am the one, the only-”
“The Magnificent,” chimed in another vampire.
“The Malevolent,” added another.
“Azra!” She said, getting close to me face, cackling uncontrollably. I rolled my eyes and let out a sigh, so she slapped me across the face. “Respect me, you fool! I am Queen of The Vampires! I control your fate, I could kill you now if I wanted. Or I could kill Nicholas if you’d like.” My eyes widened in panic. If she hadn’t succeeded thus far, how could that be true. Unless she had sacrificed Steven to lure me and my family into a false sense of security. As always, my thoughts played across my face. “That hit a heartstring, didn’t it. The second you step out of line, he’s dead.”

Oooh, it's a long one. Tell me what you thing, and it is exactly what comes right after the previous excerpt.

So I still have to record the song for english, but I'm pretty sure i'm not handing it in. I'm so EMBARRASSED!
And sketcher- SO ADDICTING!


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pretty good, although since i don't know the characters, i'm pretty confused. maybe you could post character descriptions- if you have time?