March 7, 2009

Blahh, it's March Something

And I am grounded, hence the not getting back into blogging, and I apologize for that. I'm still grounded [due to grades] but my parents are giving me a little time online, because I got my Wisdom teeth out on friday. So I've read all of Rachel and the other blogs I follow & actually pay attention too, and am now writing one myself. So here is what's new:

1.I wrote 15 songs for fawm, sadly I was grounded after only posting 3 on the Fawm website
2.I have taught myself trumpet, my biggest thing now is building up lip strength
3.I have been drawing out all my Novel Characters (from NaNoWriMo) And then will write out my story arch, and write out Draft #2, typing it then for draft 2.5
4.I am thinking about what I want to do for colleges. Suddenly I want to Major in English &/or music education, Minor in Languages & take a few classes on computers & writing. I have never been more confused.
5.I have pondered firefighting more than once.
6.I have pissed myself at the thought of huge fires more than once.
7.I'm about 85% I have a boy. He listens to me, gets along well with my friends, we went out on valentines, and he gave me ear phones [Music is key to a girls heart.. well, that & books]
8.I have seen the potter movies atleast a dozen times each.
9.I learned to use a guitar capo
10.I wrote a song about writers block on March 3rd.
11.On the 3rd, I also wrote a song expressing my love for Ron Weasley.
12.I've started a Novel that is so personal to me I have told no one (until now)
13.I have filled almost another mini notebook
14.I got my wisdom teeth out and my face has swollen like aunt marg, before she floats away from the dursley's house.
15.I've run out of numbers

Until I can post again,

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atthecross (Rachel) said...

aww that sucks on the wisdom teeth and grounding thing. :( but i'm glad my blog ranks high on your to-do list. :) this makes me absurdly happy. haha. so... that's awesome that you wrote so many songs, and about the boy... oh and you MUST post the song about Ron when you get the chance!!