March 8, 2009

I have puffy Checks

I refuse to go out of the house with my face in such an odd state, so it's not fun.
I made paper last night. I got this Bill Nye Paper Maker and it was very fun. I'm trying to figure out how to make the whitest, strongest paper, for when I recycle the 4 copies of NaNo Novel draft 1 (400 peices of paper, yikes! of course I've got to recycle) I'll be making my own screens & gettting shammies to dry the paper (I refuse to use paper towel like all the site suggest. That would be a waste) I will be printing draft 2(.5) on the recycled draft 1. Twill be awesome.
I wrote another song, and lost my only copy of Writer's Block. -_- And I'm not planning on posting the Ron Song, so it makes me sound insane. Just trust me on that one.
I can't wait for script frenzy, I'm going to write a musical about a bassoonist. :D
I think I will fill a notebook with songs & then record a video of All of them, and post one every day for a month. That would be fun.
I need to find Nicholas a new last name. Or just make him Nicholas, no last name. Yeah, he can pull a Cher. But Azra definatly get's a new name. Maybe Helene. Yeah, Helene.
So I'm going to go play through my music for 'Fiddler On the Roof' and 'Les Misrebales' and 'Sound of Music' and any other musical scores I can find. Then I will watch Fiddler on the Roof, West Side Story, Oklahoma, and all the other musicals I have. I will study them. Less than a month till April for Script Frenzy. :D


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