March 17, 2009

Oh Noes! It's the 17th!

So, I'm polish, german and norwegian. Not Irish. But I wore green to avoid getting pinched. Green is my favorite color tho, so I don't mind. I'm SO EXCITED FOR SWEENEY!
And for script frenzy, I'm writing my musical about a band geek, and I've decided to write a 100 page graphic novel as well. I'm totally stealing boy's idea & not telling him. Muahaha!
I fixed the mailbox today. That was fun. And I cleaned the car. And made sloppy joes with mashed potatoes for the parents. Yay, raw meat -_- And then I made brownies for mum that I can't even eat. Joy. -_-
So yeah, I should be drawing and writing stuff. I think i've finally planed the prolouge for 'New Kind of "F" word' or 'Stones & Sticks' (I'm not sure yet for the novel title) but In my head I've been thinking about another novel idea. Which isn't good, because I need to focus on dance fighting bassoonists & blind superhero.
So I'm off.
Until we meet again. (well, we don't actually meet... so... yeah)

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atthecross (Rachel) said...

i have not a drop of irish blood in mah veins, and i DIDN'T wear green, cuz i feel like a poser when i do. and i didn't know about the pinching thing until today. ouch, maddie! haha