March 20, 2009

I'm gonna see Sweeney, Tommorow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow

will be awkward!
Yeah, I haven't seen annie in forever but suddenly it popped in my head.... BUT SWEENEY TOMORROW! I'm excited and anxious and worried. And mum & dad are BOTH dropping us off & picking us up. Which will be weird.
I've started writing a novel (again. I keep re-starting it. Calling it 'Stones & Sticks' or 'New Kind of F word' If you hear me mention those). And I have 2 new ideas I like. A lot.
NEW MAXIMUM RIDE BOOK!!!!! Title 'Max'!!!!! I got it, I read it, I loved it. All I can say, Fax. It is awesome. I <4 it.
I've been drawing, but really I feel down. It's like people will always be better than me, no matter what I do, which is why I got down in the first place. Ugh! And I really hate how the 'friends' who go "I suck, but I draw for fun" tell me I suck. They suck [your mom]. what?
I'm working on figuring out stuff for the Graphic Novel, cause I'm having issues. I'm thinkin' he's gonna be a Mute Superhero. What would you call a mute superhero? Yeah. I seriously want to know. Seriously.

I'm out!


atthecross (Rachel) said...

WHAAATTT?!?! there's a new max ride book?!?! how did i not know this!?!?!?!!??@?@?@@?!

about the mute... hmm... normal names or made-up names?

atthecross (Rachel) said...