September 3, 2009

Hey, I'm not dead!

Yeah, as you can tell, I am alive. I have been grounded. A lot. Due to grades and conflicting intrests between my father and I. A lot has gone on, and I dunno if you want to be filled in or not.
But, I'm about to start my Junior year of high school [next week] and am almost done with band camp. My summer has been okay. I was busy and then not and then busy again. Since March I've turned 16, been diagnosed as clinically depressed, Gotten an Oboe, Trombone and a set of bells, begun reading as much Shakespeare as I can get my hands on.
And I am still a vegetarian. Take that, I say, to all of the people who said I would last ten days, fifteen tops. It's been almost Two years. Haha.

So, I will *probably* start blogging here again, atleast twice a week (depending on mah schedual). But I'm also in the process of starting a new blog. It will be a serious one. It shall be much more focused on 'feelings' and 'writing'. No Youtube videos, or random spazzing. It will be well thought out feelings.
This Blog will stay fun, and Funky fresh. xD
If you'd want to be sent the blog URL (I'm making a new email & New account for it. I want it totally separate from everything else I have online) just Email me at or comment with your Email. I'm hoping to finish it in the next couple days.

Until then,


The Real Katie said...

Yay for Clinically Depressed People!

And for turning sixteen :)

atthecross (Rachel) said...

i'm so happy you're not dead. i really really thought you might be.

grounding sucks. :( thank God my parents infrequently include blogging in my list of forbidden activities! our "conflict of interests" usually refers to my general apathy toward grades, which i find completely stupid considering i don't really CARE what college i get into. besides, my gpa is already like above a 3, thus i'm not a complete failure at life.... all this to say, i know where you're coming from there, sister.

and of COURSE i want to know the new blog URL! i do love your random spazzing, though... hahahaha!