September 8, 2009

I like to write and draw.

But you knew that. But, did you know that in my last 2 days of freedom (today & tomorrow) that's all I'm doing. Yeah. Not only am I really Cranking on my 500 Theme Drawing Challenge, but I'm working on brainstorming for a Story Collaberation with an interweb buddy of mine.
The 500 theme drawing challenge is simple. You pick a topic (I picked Harry Potter) and then draw 500 drawings, all Harry potter based, each all on the different 500 themes. I've posted 13 finished ones, and have 16 more, all started or finished tht I Need to post. You can see the list

Also, me and mah friend Mo, we're gonna write together. It's all apocolyps-ey and fun. We're just about to start writing. Yay!

BUT IF YOU WANT TO WRITE WITH ME (like you write a chapter, then me, then you, then me) TOTALLY LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!! WOOT! -spazz-

I'm Offfffff :3

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