September 9, 2009

It's the Final Count Down!

Dedodedo. Dedodededoo. Dedodedo. dedodededo!

My summer is comming to a close! Tomorrow is my first day as a junior *Squeel!* I'm happy & sad at the same time. Happy because I will be spending less time by myself, Sad because my crush, who I am TRYING to get over *could* be in one of my classes. I'm hopeing he wont be.

Guess how much money I have. Two Dollars. That is not good. My band is going to Florida in decemember. I have no money for ze theme parks -_- If you want to commision me (Small fee & I draw you somethin') I'll draw you pretty much anything [within reason] for 2 or 3 dollars [plus shipping if you want the original, so maybe another dollar] Yeah. I'm desperate.

OHOHOH! Tag you're it, no tag backs


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