November 22, 2008



I stepped onto the playground, gravel crunching under my feet, and walked over to the swing I was on when Annabella found me. The metal chain holding the seat was warm from the sun, and the plastic seat stuck to parts of my legs that weren’t covered by my jean shorts. The breeze from swinging felt good on my warm skin, but the squeeky chain irritated me a bit. It only lasted a few minutes, for before I knew it, I was shoved off the swing onto my hands and knees, which threw gravel everywhere.

Yeah, it's really teeny and it's probbably the nicest written part of the book. No, I take that back, when I set up changes in setting, those are the best parts. I'm still way behind, but I'm hopefully making good time. -uhhh-

In other news I feel uderly crappy, someone shoot me. And I need a video camera ASAP.


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Apathy is MY name said...

That part of your story is very good.