November 16, 2008

Fifteen Thousand words makes me behind...

Ooh, Excerpt;

I walked down to the old playground that my friends and I used to play at, when we were younger, and I sat down in one of the swings. I closed my eyes and pumped my legs making me go higher. I felt the breeze in my face, and heard the whoosh of the wind and relaxed. I tried to forget everything wrong that was happening, but was interupted by a voice.
“Elizabeth, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” I opened my eye to look straight into the face Of my sister.
“Anns, are you okay?”
“Fine, but you have to come with me.” There was something wrong with her. Her body was more ridged, and she was more pale than usual. I slowed the swing to a stop and she grabbed me by my wrist.
I twisted to try to get out of her grasp but her grip was super strong. “What happened to you?” She started twitching and flinching.
“Nothing, It just-” before she could finish her ssentence she folded at the knees and hit the ground in a pile of sobs and twitches. “Hurts!” she was shrill as she kept moving.
I crouched down and held my older sister by her shoulders. She was loosing her smell and she didn’t feel cold to me. “Who bit you?” I was angry and practically yelled at her, causing her to flinch away from you.
“I don’t know,” she kept sobbing, “Some guy with white hair.” She arched her back as if she was reaching to the sky. “It hurts so much,” she sobbing into my shoulder, still twitching.
“I know, I know.”
“No You Don’t!” she cried, biting my shoulder to try and stop screaming.
“I told you I was a vampire. But I won’t let them put you in the hospital like I was.” Her eyes got wide, and took a breath as if she was going to say something back, but instead screamed in pain. “I have to get you home.”
“No, I don’t want to move!” I grunted as I lifted her as high as I could. She flailed and squirmed in my arms, but grabbed around my neck, as I started toward the house.

Sooo. tell meh whatcha think. New twist that has been part of the last thousand words I've written in like, an hour tops. We take the protagonist who has been turned, and turn her sister :D If only it wasn't painful.... Oh well.

----In other news----
I've been learnin the guitar and writing songs. We're working on song number 3. Soon we'll add music to words. -yay-



bookwrm93 said...

ooh, i like vampires, is there something before that? because the story seems interesting and if there's something before i'd like to read it

atthecross (Rachel) said...

WOOOOOOW... i totally want to read that... im hooked on vampires right now, so that's a bonus, but it sounds fascinating and plot-heavy and character-driven. woohoo! what's not to like?