November 18, 2008

Not after Nine Thirty

So i was told my all Passing grades were unacceptable, so I have to give up the laptop at 9:30. even tho I don't have to go to bed till 10. So I prob. wont be able to finish my novel, and I can't draw at night, cause Harry has all my references. So I'm SCREWED for the next Five weeks. -hatesparents-


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atthecross (Rachel) said...

that sucks. especially the part about your novel.

okay, while we're on the subject of nanowrimo- there's this person on there who has, like, almost a million words- i don't think all my projects added together equal that many!! my word, whoever that is puts the rest of us semi-normal folks to shame... all the same, good luck on finishing as much as possible with yours. in any case, you've taught yourself now that you can do it. and you know that i'll bug you till you finish this one, cuz i desperately want to read it. :)