January 6, 2009

2009: Day 6

Resolution: To Be Less 'I hate People." ; To Draw more, daily ; Become Healthy (interpret as you will); Write Eather new Novel or 2nd Draft; Finish writing A Song; Clean the Dwelling; Read 52 Books; Improve shitty grades
Progress: So I could not sleep this morning, so I started another novel. (No you won't be seeing it every chapter, doing it like that messes me up, so I'm thinkin a few chapters at a time) so 2k words down, 98k to go xD, School I was Happy and Gave HUGS!
Professional Assesment: I happen to be doing well

My history essay is a bitch, because Italy was a slut during WW1 and was on both sides at one point or another... don't ask, it's safer. I'm so tired right now, I swam at noonish for gym and then after school to make up a class. My legs feel absoloutly jello-esque. That's not good, as a Veggie I don't do Jello xD.
School was boring at worse, awesome at best. Band kicks ass, we're playin this British style Nile March and A medly of Video Game Themes, and I've got's Melody!!! The bassonist never gets awesome parts like that (well they do, just not on the peices I always play). So, yay!
I've been drawin' up a storm and I will be later tonight. I've drawn every day, so, Yay meeee! I dunno what else to say...
Oh, Watson says hello, he's my little notebook. I seriously need mental help, naming things and such, but that's okay.
My new novel came from a few Idead I had a while back, and now that I'm actually going to use them, I feel happy. Yay. Oh and I've been researching Crippling diseases of the legs, so if you know any that could cause one to lose some to all their mobility and use of legs and are also fatal, let me know. (It's for another Novel)
I'd say that's all for today... Oooh, I want a veggie burger. 
Oh, how does everyone like the way I 'format' my blogs now? You dont? Oh, I don't care, I just wondered xD


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atthecross (Rachel) said...

hugs are definitely the way to go. as a matter of fact, *virtual hug* there, now u have a hug from moi. :P good luck with the new novel, holy crap, 100k is waaaay a lot! and for the leg thing... what about polio? im not really sure, but it sounds sorta like it would work.