January 9, 2009

2009: Day 8 & 9

Resolution: To Be Less 'I hate People." ; To Draw more, daily ; Become Healthy (interpret as you will); Write Eather new Novel or 2nd Draft; Finish writing A Song; Clean the Dwelling; Read 52 Books; Improve shitty grades; Weekly updated webcomic
Progress: So I've been drawing for the web comic that may actually happen, I've actually 'Semi-Flirted' which is better then the glares I thow at boys, I've been cleaning for about an hour, Watson is filling up nicely
Professional Assesment: I fear upcomming stand still

My goodness, I felt so terrible today and yesterday, uck. I blame that history project I did, which sucked Balls. (Pardon my french, or Italian, it was on Italy.)
So I'm cleaning my room right now which isn't fun, but I have to, because I lost a library book, which I need. So it's like forcing a resolution on me :D
So I've been filling Watson, my Teeny notebook, which is good. Lot's of Ideas for 2 new novels, one which I've started, one I need research for. I've decided to go ahead and start draft 2 of My vampire novel. I'm writing it all out in 3 subject notebooks. Then I'm going to do extra editing and changing as I type it, so that would be draft 2.5 (o.0). At that point I will print it and bring it in to my english teacher. (I'm hopeing to start recycling the first drafts into new paper soon, so by then it will be on recycled paper :D) I have lots of changing to do, but I'm so ready for it. The Tree will become much more important, it's only mentioned afew times throughout the first draft, but it will mean much more :)
FAWM is in February, February Album Writing Month (I think) You write 14 songs in a month (one will be about S.A.D. [Singles appreciation day] I promise) so I'm working on my Guitar skillz for that, it will be awesome. And I'm thinkinkg I'll record one every other day (2 days a song, right?... yeah) And it will be awesome (I hope).
I use the word 'Dude' a lot, like I dont know, I just do. I'm weird, deal, yo. But I'm just weird. I can only see like one square foot of my floor, so I must go, but first, I wanna tell you about my first 'Real; youtube hater. First I had one tell me my drawing was ugly, didn't look like jackson rathbone, but that wasnt bad. My first 'Real' hater is sarao0 who commented 'you suck. my penis can draw better than that....lol'. It's not suprising, all sara's without 'H' are crazy (to some extent). She'll get a shout out in my next video -yay- 
So that'd be it, Rachel, I'm glad you like Bio so much, I had tons of fun in it last year. I had the best Sarcastic teacher ever.



atthecross (Rachel) said...

...SEMI flirted? hmm, do tell!

about bio- in general not my fave- but i loves genetics. fun stuffs it is. (yoda-speak- a syntactic abnormality! lolz)

bookwrm93 said...

hey, i lost a library book, and cleaned my room 3 times until i finally gave up and paid the library $20 to replace it. i hope you have better luck finding your book