January 4, 2009

2009: Day 4

Resolution: To Be Less 'I hate People." ; To Draw more, daily ; Become Healthy (interpret as you will); Write Eather new Novel or 2nd Draft; Finish writing A Song; Clean the Dwelling; Read 52 Books; Improve shitty grades
Progress: Still cleaning, but not much; I started writing another song, I'll turn it into a youtube video about how there's nothing wrong with pencil (dont ask... yet), and I played my song 'Nostalgic Fool' for my friend Em this morning
Professional Assesment: There better be hope

So I am just sitting here, freezing in wet hair, wondering, What am I gonna do for my Monday video. I'm gonna film it... well, after I get dressed and brush my hair. But let me tell you what I did today; History Essay. I thought it was due tomorrow, so I'm working as fast as I can. Then I check my Deviantart messages, and my friend goes 'It's a miracle you started before wednesday.' Now I stop and fall back a bit and message her back. She calls 'It's not due until Thursday.' At this point I hold back my tears, shut the laptop and pick up the guitar and start a song about how there is nothing wrong with pencil. Yeah, that's how fried my brain is.
So I'm losing my mind. Oh and apparently my biological clock is ticking... because I drew a baby. Yeah, no. Not that funny. The caffine is starting to wear offf, thank Goodness, but I've been guitaring so much, my fingers now hurt :'(
But I'm gonna go film now. Yay! I'm posting it tomorrow on the Collab Channel, The Artsy Fartsy Brigade, cause I'm monday. Yay!



atthecross (Rachel) said...


atthecross (Rachel) said...

lol that went perfectly with my piccy thingy whatsitcalledifranklydontcare