March 12, 2009

I succum

To using grids.
In art I'm almost done with a Nifty drawing of Rupert Grint (and I used a Grid) and I admit, I like it. So, I'mma use grids from now on. I have taken the grid home (even tho he collected them. I also took that of the girl who dropped art.) And I've printed out a couple pictures of people I'm going to draw; one of the Veronicas & one of Sir Paul McCartney. I need more Ideas tho, of how to be awesome (of what to draw) And I have BIG paper to draw them on ^_^ I've got a HUGE list of people to draw too, plus ALL the potter Characters (the actors atleast) so, Yay!
I am SO ready for script frenzy. I'm writing a Musical about a Bassoonist. :D
And do you know what pisses me off? This girl in my spanish class. She sings and interupts the class constantly. I want to smack her. She called me dirty, I said she singing sounded like a dying cow. I then called her an idiot and tried to ignore her for the last 12 minutes of class. Grrr.
Imma go draw now,


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