December 12, 2008

I'm Gone, I'm Going

Can I say I quit? Like seriously, this whole 'happy at school' isn't working. I just want to crash and sleep for days. Not that I really could. Insomnia is a bitch, but I've become the best 'fake sleeper-er in the whole United States, so I guess that's Pwnage :P
My twin and her sis are comming tommorow, hopefully that will help. And I'm drawing this weekend, I have to; Horse, Jackson Rathbone, Legolas or Aragogn(sp? LOTR King),some Barlow Girl, Hippos and an Ass (As in a donkey, what did you think?!?!), all for friends.
Ugh -mustcleanroom- Ahhh -headdesk-


| I do
| Like
| The posting
| a video
| and using the song title tho :D
V I'm gone, I'm going by Lesley Roy (just song, couldn't get the vid embeded)

1 comment:

atthecross (Rachel) said...

sooo sad... i like it when people are happy... but it sounds like this really isn't ur week. :(

on the other hand- jackson rathbone- *drool* and i love barlowgirl's music, whee!