December 13, 2008

You Had Me

So I have stuff on Writing and my kick ass writing softwear (rachel), Drawing, music, Twilight Movie and books, so let's get started.
So I've got like 2.5 thousand words so far, just email if you'd like to read it. I use which is yWriter4, and it is AWESOME and FREE!!!! yay free!
I'm trying to draw an x-mas present, not going well X( But I'll be fine. And I've been listening to lots of music, but need more band's and stuff, so let me know what you listen too, I'll listen to most stuff. :D
And i saweded the twilight movie with summer and cassie and it was better then I was expecting, but ehh.
Oh, I need another book to read :D


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"You Had Me" By Joss Stone


atthecross (Rachel) said...

oh excellent, books and music. where to start?

mah music suggestions (bands): skillet (tis pwnsome), linkin park, breaking benjamin, casting crowns, falling up, relient k, angels and airwaves, poets of the fall, capital lights, fireflight, kutless

books: uglies trilogy, the door within trilogy, dragons in our midst/oracle of fire series, the house of the scorpion, maximum ride series, whats so amazing about grace, rangers apprentice series, one thing you can't do in heaven, memories of summer, fruits basket, fullmetal alchemist, merupuri, black cat... etc...

atthecross (Rachel) said...

oh btw thanks for the info on the software, hopefully i can access that at school (stupid block-anything-that-looks-at-you-funny system), but even if i cant i should be able to use it at home. :)