December 13, 2008

Take Me On The Floor

OMG! It's A SONG! Gosh, I just steal their titles. But yeah, I feel the need to update you, again. Cause I can. I've been Writing! Novel Number Two, Working Title 'Band Geeks Have Feelings Too' which I think is awesome. Below is a screen shot to show you so far, just 2 days of writing while distracted and unapplied. You can see word counts, a few charrie names and a few other things, just so you can have an Idea of how I'm doing. IF you want to read it, I can make a new blog and make you a blog author, just let me know if you'd like to (You could edit if you'd like, we'd have to talk about that tho) so email me at

So yeah, story for ya. I need to keep cleaning my room, but the circled red value was to good to ignore, don't be suprised if you see any other screencaps with similar number :D Bah-humbug 12:35AM.


| Look
| Below
| for The
V video
'Take Me On The Floor' By the Veronicas
(**NOTE** Yeah, I know it's pervish, especially the one almost chantish part. It's stuck in my head or I totally would have used something else.)

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atthecross (Rachel) said...

ok, WHERE DID U GET TEH AWESOME WRITING SOFTWARE!?!?!?! that is totally freaking awesome!!