January 11, 2009

2009: Day 11

Resolution: To Be Less 'I hate People." ; To Draw more, daily ; Become Healthy (interpret as you will); Write Eather new Novel or 2nd Draft; Finish writing A Song; Clean the Dwelling; Read 52 Books; Improve shitty grades; Weekly updated webcomic; To give up Contractions
Progress: I kinda took a day off, I guess... yeah
Professional Assesment: I izz lazzzeee

From this Day forth, I shall no longer use Contractions. So you know, if I use any ', other than in titles of things, let me know. I am doing this, to pay more attention to the way I speak and write. It is because I am awesome, you know.
Today I slept and I cleaned and I baked cookies. I did not want to bake them, but Mom was bitching so I had to. -_- I am planning out the begining and ending of the Novel, moving around dates and such. So soon I will have that written. And by doing this and then writing draft two and then two point five and then shoving it at my english teacher, I am hopeing to get it published and No one will know how it starts or ends. Neener Neener Neeeeeeennnnneeeeer.
Right now I am watching Tess of D'Urbervilles on PBS Masterpiece Theatre, and right now, Tess' husband is bein' a real scum bag.
So I have not been reading much, I need to start, If I wish to hit Fifty-Two, which will not be too bad. Oh, oh, oh! INKHEART JANUARY TWENTY THIRD!!!! Except, Brandon Frasier as Mo, I am not to sure about.
I am addicted to twitter, and it is no longer funny, oh and LOLCats too, which is funny.
So I shall end it there, for I must put away my computer,


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