January 3, 2009

2009: Day 3

Resolution: To Be Less 'I hate People." ; To Draw more, daily ; Become Healthy (interpret as you will); Write Eather new Novel or 2nd Draft; Finish writing A Song; Clean the Dwelling
Progress: Still cleaning, ugh, Wrote down more novel Ideas, Salad FTW
Professional Assesment: There Definatly is much hope

I slept... a lot, after I went to bed, um, late *cough6amcough* yeah, then I got up, I dunno when, 4 ish? Fed pets, cleaned the kitchen and got started on my history project, which I have been working on for hours, stoping only to eat, urinate and take plenty of Dance breaks... Oh and getting distracted on YouTube a few times... Damn. Oh well.
My first Vid for the Collab on Monday. Yay! Oh, I got guitar picks yesterday, meaning I no longer have to play with a quarter (you're not supposed to.. i was never told). And they are really nice. <4
And I'm planning on drawing later, instead of one of my dance breaks.
I tink that's it.
Lauren, I'll see you tomorrow.. oh wait, this isn't a video. Sorry, i'm youtube obsessed and forgot.
Oh Oh Oh! I forgot! It's the first time since November we could see stars! So I grabed my star chart and went outside, laid down a towel and watched the stars for a while. Gosh it was awesome.
And I got a letter from my British Pen pal, Elsie! Yay, it's just great! I had totally given up hope of hearing from her, sending my letter on the 9th of december. She wrote hers on the 15th, but I wonder when she sent it... jk. I'm just so flipping happy! 2009 For The Epicly Epic Awesomely Awesome Win!

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