October 9, 2008

I should try to put forth effort...

Yeah, today was just another boring day at the fires of hell, er, umm, Public Highschool. I seriously know why Napoleon made school manditory; He liked to torcher people. On a happy note, my Art teacher is letting me do my new Unit Coverpage in Pencil. :D That means I am drawing My Favorite Doctor (David Tennant) infront of the Tardis, and 4 sonic screw drivers around the outside for a border, the only color comming from screwdriver beams. I don't care what you say, it's Genius. I do want to strangle some of the girls in my class tho. They're stupid freshmen. And Ditzy. -inducevomiting-
The rest of the day was pretty boring. I almost fell asleep a lot. But I do kick ass in band. I'm first Chair Bassoon don'tcha know.(the fact that I'm the only Bassoonist does Not count, thanks). Gym was a pain too.
The only other thing I did was feel akward at the family dinner. Eating leftover Macaroni And cheese from 3 days ago while everyone at some dead pig and turkey thing. (Why you're right! I don't eat animals.) That wasn't fun.
So now I get to type a stupid essay, supporting a quote with 2 short stories we read in class. It's to prepare us for the ELA's in june. BUT, in june, I can use HARRY POTTER as one of the compairing works, so it's all okie dokie.
That's all I seem to care to type. Soon I will get my first cover page for art(DALEKS!), and some sketches up. I'm off. Homewok. Eewww.


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atthecross (Rachel) said...

laaaa!!! david tennant, doctor who, tardis... three of my favorite words! erm... maybe more than 3 words... but oh well!