October 10, 2008

Ugh.... But wait, it's the weekend

So today is Friday. I would be excited but I will be forced to go play with the Band at the football game. I couldn't care less if both teams are undefeated. I just don't want to go. I want to stay home and draw, eat burnt pop-n-corn and sleep. How is that hard to understand?
And you know what I hate? The Boy I liked ended up being an ass. Damn it all. I seriously just hate that. DAMN IT AlLL!
So I got to take my sketcheh book home over the long weekend, thank God, or I'd be screwed 3 was from Germany with my new cover page if I couldn't. So I get to draw David Tennant. But I'm also trying to draw Billie Piper(Rose Tyler from Dr.Who) but now I may have to draw a few Vegetarians instead. I got a message on a comment I posted on a Video, mentioning Vegetarianism, so I think I want to Honor some awesome ones (Jess Origlasso and Joss Stone to name a few). Yeah, I need to get a new video up on youtube. I'll link that here too when I get it done.
So yeah, Football game. Not fun. Lots of Not Fun.


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