October 8, 2008

Illness is not my friend

I say, illness does not suit me at all. Yesterday(tuesday) I got up, threw up, and went back to bed. I missed school, and art test I was planning on passing with flying gradients.(hardy har-har)But no. Instead, I slept for 13 hours(ish). Then we indulged in alfredo, sprite and Charred Pop-n-corn. I love burnt pop-n-corn, more then you can imagine.
The whole time, I looked ridiculus. Large green hoodie, black shorts, blue/grey shirt. Then I had a large red Taz Sock, and a fuzzy purple sock. And because I love wearing shooes in the house(not, I went outside and never took them off) I wore my green/blue/brown plad rocket dog sneakers. My kneecaps froze, but atleast I was comfy.

So I spent my time up on la computadora, more specifically, the interweb. I spend most of my time on youtube Here, Deviantart here, and a few other places. Commented, dA journaled, messaged. It wasn't to eventful. Tho I did kinda have a breakthrew on how to make dark, curly hair look more so. Oh, did you know I have a twitter account? I totally forgot about it. I made it in August. Who knew?

And I am so Pissssssed. The main computer doesn't like threadless. -booit'ssuchawhore- So yeah. I think that's it. Um. I have overdue school library books already. Five of them :D And I've done some animal sketches. It's exactly 1:59am Wendsday(with 2 d's) morning. Posting as soon as I can turn on the router downstairs. -ugh-


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