October 10, 2008

No Game, No Pain

Yeah, the football game should still be going on... I dunno, I left after we did our field show. Our team was winning at half time tho. We sat in the rented stands, which are smaller then normal, and we got up and down, because the drum majors were confused. Then we marched, and did out closer activity and left. I hurried to change and get my uniform and Shako and Bari sax away and kinda limped to the car. I'm sore as hell from marching and other stuff. The bari sax is way to big, I've decided. I'm switching to flute. (okay, maybe not but it sounded good.)
So i got home, watched part of ghost whisperererer and the ex-list. While I ate some Charr-Pop-n-corn! And mum got me some more Chocolate Soy Milk! I love that stuff. It's the best Ever! So yeah, i'm glad to be home. I have no clue what tommorow has planned.... Crap.


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