October 11, 2008

Moving Week(end)

So I got to help my Aunt move today. It was me, mum, aunt & uncle, their kid, there 2 friends with their 3 kids. I spent a lot of time moving schoof, and spending time keeping the youngest (jj age 3) happy, so he wouldn't flip out. Sweetest kid, but he needs his way all the time.
I got pizza (cheese. They love this veggie), I ate like 3Lbs of grapes and like 3 cans of Happy Juice.(that's what they call soda to JJ, to make him happy. Yay, Happy Juice! AKA Pepsi Max!)
So I had to watch spongebob -shudder- but it was okay. I gotted my hair trimmed, less then 3 inches, lots of the dead stuff.
So, tommorow...... IMMA DYE MAH HAIR!!! Green, just the tips... with Kool-Aid!!!!!!!!! I'm so fugging Excited. I've been jumping around like a moron. I almost want to highlight it so I can see better what it looks like.
I got this great new softwear, Audacity, to edit sound files. I've been writing music, so now I can record some of it (mostly Saxophone, Keyboard, Bassoon) and edit it together. It was free and one of my aunt's friends who helped us move today uses it. He's a DJ, who actually DJ'ed a function mum organized a few weeks. I am Seriously Laughing Out Loud.
And you seriously need to skype me. I know how many have been reading, and I know some of you have skype. I'm just so Hyper on Skyper! I'm talking to my cuzzy Wuzzy right now.
Once I get Battries , I'll post a picture of hair that was cut off.

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