December 17, 2008

Call It Off

So I didn't post yesterday, thank's dad -_- but, whatever. I've been WRITING! Gosh, it just feels great to finish each chapter, like I've created something great out of nothing :D Yeah, so if you want to read that, I need your Email so I can make you a blog author, and you can read every chapter as I post it.
The band went to play at the mall today, but we only got 45 mins, so I didn't get to run to Barns & Noble or FYE (which is suckish) but, whatever. Art, I got covered in red paint, and everyone was like 'What'd you do to your hand?' (it was all a crimson red) so I just told them 'I punched a bear in the face, It was trying to take me Amp.' (Amp's a caffinated energy drink I seem to have in my locker at all times.)
Yeah, so I have to finish presents for my edior monkies for x-mas, and I'm just about done with my next chapter -yay!-


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'Call It Off' by Tegan & Sara 


The Real Katie said...

Aren't all dads annoying? *sigh* Luckily, mine's not AS annoying as my mom, but *shrug*

atthecross (Rachel) said...

i would loveses to reads teh new story... but if thats a problem, whatever. its all good. :) (im in a good mood, in case u havent noticed)