December 15, 2008


So I posted Chapter Two of my new novel yay, I'm being productive! And as soon as birday stealer gets me her edited copy of my NaNo Novel I can work on draft Numero dos :D I like writing.
School is pretty icky, I dun like it. I feel really bad tho, there's this one kid I was laughing at on the way to the bus.... So I think I will apologize tomorrow, gosh -so embarrasing- but, whatever, it's the right thing to do.
I was grounded for about 5 hours today, I think padre is Bipolar, but I'm okay as long as I keep getting Harry back. 
And YouTube think's Im a dork and need to change. all my Recomended videos are 'How to Be Emo/Scene' I'm sorry but I'm not the kind of kid who could do that... Plus, I'd get beaten up. LOLZ.
Do you know what's fun? teaching mah friend German durring Spanish class :D Only the important stuff like 'I hate you' (gosh I'm negative... Oh wait, I dun care!)
Yeah. I think that's it for now... Okay, Gute Nacht!


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'Insomnia' by the Veronicas, just the one pic and the AWESOME song

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