December 19, 2008

Everything I Ask For

My blogs seem to be getting very, I dunno Impersonal. Maybe I've lost my touch :0 I dunno, I'm just really apathetic about everything, apart from reading, writing and drawing.
It's really cold in my room, and I don't like that. I cant get the storm window to shut, so I'm screwed, really.
Break now, so let's all give a sigh of relief. -ahhh- Yeah, and my 5 week grades came :D All in the seventies -Shit- my parents consider that failing all of my classes, so in the next 4-ish weeks, they all need to be 80 or higher or I'll lose my art class, which I have to take for any art classes next year. 
Oh, I did a sketch and you want to see it... I think-  Yeah, I know, Draco Fangirl. :P
Did you know that red + a teeny tiny drop of black paint makes blood red? it's real nice to use on paintings in school, and get it on yourself. Muahaha.
Imma go write another chapter now, or start one. Yeah


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'Everything I Ask For' by the Maine.

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