December 14, 2008

Fear Of Tomorow

Hehe, I love when song titles make sense with what's going on. :D But yeah, school tomorow X_X but I'll live... hopefully.
Summer & Cass left, then Mum and Padrass and I went to zee mall. I got the stuff for me editor monkies, I just need 1 more thing to pull it all together.. I dunno. And I can go Merry Christmas you smell(but are not a whore lolz).
I've got to draw my x-mas cards. And I didn't have time to finish chapter 2 of 'Band Geeks Have feelings Too' which saddens me greatly. :(
I have to stay after to swim tomorow -notfun- so I gots to go wash my suit...
Better Update Tomorow


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'Fear of Tomorow' by Aloha From Hell, sorry it's a slide show, you cant get the vid. embedded.

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