December 20, 2008


Not to toot my own horn, but I can totally play 'Cry' on the guitar, and I've got it almost totally memorized. Yeah, just saying.
Tis day one of break and I feel like crap! It's just like me to get sick at the worse possible times, I think I always do. But then I felt better and shoveled for like 30-45 minutes. Mom then took me to the store to get Tofu and Mooli and some other stuff for Fried Tofu Balls (what I'm bringing to X-mas, so unlike last year, I'll have more than the veggie tray to eat. I swear I ate 3/4 of that sucker) Then we went to Taco Bell, I gotted me Chalupa Baja with Rice instead of beef. The wait took bloody forever though.
When I got home I started feeling horrible again. It wouldn't suprise me if I had a double ear infectin and strep throat- cause I'm an over achiever. Yup.
I've hit writers block, and I'm only on chapter four xD But I think I may have found the perfect Dynamite to blow the block up.
And I found this awesome thing, The Sketchbook Project, they send you one, you fill it up with awesome and all of the sketchbooks are taken to 6 different galleries. :D Check it out-
Yuppers, that'd be it. Oh, wait. I did tell my friend, who has a body mass of roughly 19.5, One away from being underweight, that she was an idiot for wanting to lose 20-30 pounds. She only needs to lose 10 to be underweight. Woo, and she didn't seem to care. I've told her before it's unhealthy to want to be 'Skinny' as she says. And I told her I will feel no sympathy when she developes some eating disorder. NOTE: It takes no sympathy to go and tell her counselor.
Spitefully yours,

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