October 12, 2008

I Need Pencils

Yeah, I need more pencils, my other ones are really short and spent. (you perve, not that pencil, graphite pencil. You're Sick.) So I'm dragging mum to the store. She wont go to A.C. Moore, Michaels and Jo Ann Fabrics, so I need to pick one. -_-. They are all having their Columbus Day Sales, all have stuff I need on sale, and 50% coupons in their adds, but I can only go to one. UGH!
So I tried a small chunk of hair green, and have been constantly washing it so I can get an idea of how long it will last. I think I'm up to 5 washes? I dunno. I left it in my hair for 9 hours, over last night, so I dunno. I need to make a desicion.
Ooh! Tommorow is Padre's birfday! He's gonna be a year older! (Captain Obvious has Spoken.) Mum got him Bomberman for ze Wii, and I got him Mario Cart For ze Wii. He got mum's gift today and tommorow I'll give him his, and am making him a quick german chocolate cake, or brownies, I need to see how his stomach is tommoroaw. I should make him a card too....
So that's it? Wow, I need a life (but then again, it's only 2:22 pm) I need to roll my change. I have a sheet load of it.... And I need moneh, but at this day in age, everyone older then 3 weeks thinks(says) they need money, right? Who want's to send me moneh? I'll draw you a picture? Teehee. I'mma Dork.
So I'm off to find change rolls and then to AC Moore (I think I've decided.) Skype Me too!


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