December 26, 2008

Christmas for The Win!!!

Yay! I loved watching my parent's open their presents, it's the most entertaining thing ever, especially while recording it on the new Video Camera :D Tis Awesome, really. And because I'm me, I need to tell you what I got;
Sculpy Clay up ze wazoo, DVDs up ze wazoo (including Footloose and West Side Story), 'Tales Of Beetle The Bard', A guitar playing kit(thinggie mabober with DVD and Guitar stand), Portfolio, Large (XL) drawing pad, H2 And 6B pencils, Blenders, A model Cow (cause cows Mooooole), a New Digital Camera Named Colin (after Colin Creevy, as in "Hello Harry. I'm Colin Creevy, and I'm in Gryffindor Too!') and the 'family' got A Brand new Tripod, Case and Panasonic Video Camera, named Gustav, drummer for Tokio Hotel.
We went to dinner at my Grandparent's new house, which was nice, I guess. All I ate was mac 'n' cheese, because everything had meat in it, but it was okay, because I was the only one not weighed down thanks to pigging out. :) Vegetarianism For The Win.  I think I'm gonna go draw something and *Hopefully* get it on camera :D

-Sarah (I less than 4 you all )

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atthecross (Rachel) said...

nice! i love that you name your stuff, it's so much more fun that way, isn't it?