December 27, 2008

I declare the 26th national hippo day

Cause I say so! I went to see Marley & Me with My mum, her sister, her sister's daughter and her sister's daughter's friend.^^ I cried, which is not normal, because the last  movie I really cried at was lion king, you know, when simba tries to wake Mufasa up after her dies ;(
Then we had diner, and it ended terribly. My VEGETARIAN marked Eggplant Parm had meat in the sauce, and they wouldn't poach me an egg. Twas Retardis. Then we left due to the estranged cousin, but let's not touch on that.
Then we went to walmart and I got some mini note pads, so when I go anywhere, I wont have to write on napkins. or my hands and legs. And They are bright colors... anb black and white, but it's nice.
Oh, and expect more blog pictures, because I got collin and no longer have to use mum's camera and put it back when I'm done with it. Yeah, that black blur is Collin, it's hard to use a mirror for the picture, without gettin my mess of a room in it.
OHOHOHOHOH!!! I drew Jackson Rathbone and it sort of looks like him. I'll post that in my next blog, later today. :D It sorta looks like him. but I could give you a list of things wrong with it.  :(
Okay, I'm off to watch one of the dozens of DVD's with mah parents.


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atthecross (Rachel) said...

i pretty much ALWAYS have mini-notebooks on hand (or else my cellphone) so i can write notes- usually it's just, like, ideas for character names... but sometimes it's a major idea for a plot twist, and i HATE it when i forget!! the WORST is when u think of something in the shower and then duh there's no paper in there (it would kinda get wet...) and then AARRGGHH!! u forget EVERYTHING! or- well this happens to me a lot, i dont know about anyone else- i often dream up entire CHAPTERS in my sleep and then i forget it all when i wake up. grr! (ok i think im done with my rant now.) also... jackson rathbone... squee!